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Jun 14, 2007 06:34 AM

best restaurants with patios

Hello - I am searching for a place to eat outside on a patio and enjoy the glorious weather. Somewhere cozy, casual and quirky with a sunset view would be great. Any ideas?

Many thanks!


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  1. It's not a great restaurant by any means (spotty service & what I feel is a very limited menu for an "Eastern" seafood restaurant), but it's pretty hard to beat a sunset from the beach -- try the patio at Sam's Chowder House, just south of Princeton Harbor in Half Moon Bay.

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      Sam's is under new management (since 2004) and is vastly improved, in fact it is quite good. The chef from Cetrella is now consulting for them. Although, in HMB you're never gauranteed a sunset because of the fog.

      Probably the only places in SF to see a sunset over the water from a restaurant are the Cliff House and the Beach Chalet. Great views, suspect food.

      Another option is to put together a picnic at one of the amazing markets, like the Ferry Building, and find a cozy spot along the water to settle in for the sunset.

      1. re: sgwood415

        Well ... I guess that's why they call it a forum.

        Sam's opened in October of 2006, i.e it has not been in existence since 2004. It took over the location from, and I could be wrong here, an awful Hawaiin BBQ place. From what I understand, Sam's was always owned by the Cetrella owners, but recently co-owner Paul Shenkman, sold his share of Cetrella to his partner to concentrate on Sam's. I know Sam's has gotten mixed reviews, but my experiences there have been uniformly mediocre, especially on the service side. And ... no clams in an "East Coast seafood restaurant"?. Doesn't work for me ... yeah, I know they say they are "coming soon". Still ... a very nice patio, some people really like this place, and I don't believe there are alot of oceanfront restaurants in the general area.

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          Right, I misread the Chronicle article about the date.

          Sorry to disagree with you about the place doc, but yes, this is a forum and we're all just expressing opinions. In my opinion, thumbs up on Sam's.

          1. re: sgwood415

            Not a problem ... there's always room for honest disagreement. I really hope Sam's does live up to my expectations .... great idea & great location.

    2. The food is not so great, but The Ramp is a fantastic place to sit outdoors with a beer and some fries.

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        The Ramp is definitely casual and quirky, faces the East Bay so no sunset views at all.

        Along these same lines is Sam's Anchor Cafe (not the same Sam's mentioned above) in Tiburon. They have a huge patio on the harbor. Wonderful views of the bay and SF. It's a casual burgers & beer type of place, food is good for what it is.

      2. Le Terrase (la?). They are changing their menu either today or Monday and doing away with the prix fixe and going more "brassiere." Should be interesting...

        1. No sunset view, but Sociale in Laurel Heights has a nice patio

          1. The Moss Beach Distillery has a graet patio overlooking the ocean complete with rocking chair benched and blankets for cold nights. Seared ahi tuna sandwiches, YUM! It is a great place to watch the Sunset.