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Jun 14, 2007 05:14 AM

healthy eating near the boston art institute

I'll be inrolled at the Boston Art Institute for 10 days at the end of June. I'm looking for healthy restaurants and grocery stores within walking distance. I'll be without a car and limited on time. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


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  1. Do you mean the place on Beacon St. just outside Kenmore? If so, there's the little market a couple blocks up on Beacon St. Elephant Walk for Cambodian, relatively healthy. Japanese (Ginza), Chinese (Chef Chang's) and Korean in that general St. Mary's area too. There's a Thai place on Comm Ave. kind of across from Taco Bell, not sure how it is. A tiny middle eastern place on Park Drive. Are burritos healthy? Then Boca Grande in Kenmore Sq. And India Quality across the street.

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      I'm surprised you didn't mention Espresso Royale Cafe on Comm Ave. They have healthy wraps at decent prices and it's a good place to hang out on your own.

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        That Korean place is Han River, and they do a nice veggie bi bim bap that makes a good lunch. The Japanese bakery does my faborite onigiri in town; two make a good lunch.

        Plus, there's a good-sized grocery store right across the street, Johnny's Fresh market. I don't know if they have a salad bar, but I seem to remember one...

      2. There's a Whole Foods about a 20-minute walk away - at 15 Westland Ave. There might be one at 125 Cambridge Park Dr (but I didn't go to that one). Of course you can get healthy groceries and prepared meals (including soups) at Whole Foods.

        As Joanie mentioned, there's an Indian restaurant nearby, called "India Quality Restaurant" at 484 Commonwealth Ave. They told me they would cook foods however I like.

        Lastly, I found I was able to get pretty good factory-made smoothies at many 'better' corner stores. I got soy protein banana smoothies a few times, and they were good snacks. I forget the brand, but they were common and also available at Whole Foods.

        Good luck!

        1. The Other Side Cafe at Newbury and Mass. Ave. has a good selection of healthier items.

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            the thai place on comm. ave that Joanie refered to is noodle street and it is quite good.