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Jun 14, 2007 01:28 AM

Telluride, CO, must eats for young honeymooners

Hi all
I am traveling from Chicago to Telluride on my honeymoon in two weeks and since there are few recent posts, I was hoping I could get some updated recs for dinners. We are on a tight budget and are well aware that Telluride is not cheap. Any recs for a romantic dinner (this one can be on the pricey side) and other fun spots with good fresh food would be appreciated! Also, we only have three days! Thanks!!

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  1. Allred's at the top of the Tram to Mountain VIllage was good the last time we were there. Pricey but the food was great. If you don't go for the food at least go for a cocktail in the lounge. Awesome view! I also recommend Baked in Telluride and Fat Alley BBQ for more reasonably priced fare. Congrats and have fun!

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      For your lavish dinner:
      Allred's - ditto
      221 South Oak
      La Marmotte

      Las Montanas/Sofio's
      Smugglers' Brew Pub

    2. Congrats on the wedding! Telluride is beautiful in the summer. My two recommendations would be: pack a romantic pic-nic and hike up to the waterfall and a cute place right in the middle of town that has an outdoor dining area between two buildings. Stop by early in the day and make a reservation so that you are outside and catch the sunset. Sorry I don't have the name but you know it when you see it and "town" is really quite small. I do remember the food and wine recommendation was superb. As far as the waterfall lunch drive up towards the waterfall (you can see it outside of town) and park in a lot then hike up the rest of the way. Bring your light rain jacket for afternoon showers.

      1. I second Baked in Telluride. It would be considered a really good "local" bakery in any town. But in Telluride it is really a find: good food, no pretense and no "scenery tax" (It's cheap).