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Jun 14, 2007 12:43 AM

Detroit--Geoduck and other clams

I have a few favorite places for standard fried clams with fries and slaw, but I'm dying for other clam varieties/preps, however they're prepared. Any recs are welcome. I especially want to try the geoduck (I admit, I've only seen it on TV and it looks like the trunk of an elephant that didn't quite make it) but looks don't scare me.

I regularly buy canned clams for linguine, but I'd love fresh crazy elephantine ones!

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  1. So where are you standard spots you frequent? I LOVE fried clams and would like to share your clam info...

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    1. re: berkleybabe

      Alright, cut me a little slack here. Fried clams I love these days in a casual setting (how's that for Dutch-Pennsylvanian?) are at Leon's, a family resto in the DMA. We go to the one on Michigan Ave., about 1/4 east of Telegraph. Aside from a good " family" resto, I recommend Sindbad's for clams, other seafood, and yummy chowder.

      1. re: amandaqtpie

        "I recommend Sindbad's for clams, other seafood, and yummy chowder."

        Sindbad's! That's a place that I'm determined to try for the first time this summer. I've long heard about it, and it's high time I checked it out for myself.

    2. I have a suspicion- based on the geoduck clams i've seen when i lived in portland- that you wouldn't want to be frying that kinda of puppy, as its chew factor would be maxed out...i would recommend that you try razor clams...they're kinda rubber-bandy, though really awesome fried, or, as I had them in Barcelona, placed onto a hot griddle with a little lemon and olive oil..

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        From what I've seen of geoducks on TV, I don't think they'd fare well fried, either. I'm just so curious as to their taste!

        1. re: sixelagogo

          You need to cook geoducks like squid. Either just barely cooked (sliced thin and 30 secs per side) or cooked long and slow.