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Jun 13, 2007 10:44 PM

Rec near the Marsh at 22nd & Valencia?

We're seeing Tings Dey Happen at the Marsh and plan to have dinner afterward. My friend doesn't walk very easily, so any recommendations will be appreciated for someplace good for dinner close-by. We are open to a wide range of types of restaurants - thanks.

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  1. Afterward being what time? So much depends on that

    With no time limits, Range is a fairly sure bet. Some will say Luna Park; I will say no way.

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    1. re: chaddict

      Have you had luck getting into Range without a reservation? I have not. I also dislike Luna Park. If you can get a reservation, though, Range is by far the best restaurant within easy walking distance.

      As far as places you can go without a long wait or reservation, Garcon is very close, though there are mixed reviews. You could see what you think of Spork, which is very new and also has mixed reviews.

      1. re: pane

        I have never tried without reservations but I think they will serve in the bar. Otherwise, I would go to Radio Havana Social Club and nosh on Salvadoran tamales and bad sangria.

    2. Dosa is also very close (21st and Valencia and across Valencia from the Marsh). It's usually pretty crowded so you may have to wait, or you can reserve on Open Table.