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Jun 13, 2007 10:12 PM

Hot lobster roll, not lobster salad roll

I'm looking for the kind of lobster roll that's made with just a bunch of hot lobster meat and melted butter served unceremoniously on some sort of toasted bun. The kind of thing you'd get on the Connecticut shore. I grew up on these and can't stand the comparatively flavorless lobster salad-esque rolls that seem to be the thing here. I want unadulterated lobster goodness on a bun. Is there anywhere in the city that I can get one of these, or am I doomed to a cold, lobster/mayo combo?

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  1. sadly, i can't think of anywhere - only jimmy's outside of new haven! but there should be one somewhere.....

    1. Nathan's always made, that was the first one I knew, don't know if they have any branches in Manhattan? I used to think they were great.