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Jun 13, 2007 10:11 PM

kosher market in West LA

There's a good kosher market on Santa Monica and Federal in West LA. They have a small bakery area where I got a very good thing that somewhat resembles the real danishes that they have in Denmark. They also have an area that had prepared foods, and the things I've gotten there have been excellent. This morning, for example, I got a salad of eggplants and peppers that was quite the experience. I'm guessing that the place might be run by Iranian Jewish people, but I've been too chicken to talk to them and ask.

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  1. Yup, I live around the block from them. I, too, believe that they're Iranian Jews, but I...too...haven't had the guts to ask. They close early on Fridays and are closed on Saturdays (Shabbat/Sabbath), but open from Sunday - Friday

    Parking's a nightmare in that tiny lot, so if I'm driving from somewhere else, I either park in their back lot, or somewhere on the street. But the price of their produce is definitely worth the hassle.

    Santa Monica Glatt Kosher Market
    11540 Santa Monica Blvd
    (corner of Santa Monica Blvd & Colby Ave.)
    (West) Los Angeles, CA 90025
    (310) 473-4435

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      Yes, its owned by Iranian Jews...I usually call in my meat order so I don't have to wait in line at the meat dept...The whole kosher chickens are awesome..they will also clean in for you...great kosher beef, fresh herbs and lots of other goodies.

      1. re: Tmblweed

        Santa Monica Glatt is also a reliable source of all the various varieties of Sabra hummus, some good lavash-like breads and Israeli cookies and yogurts.

        I have also experienced difficulties in parking around there, but since I almost always walk there, not such a big deal.

        1. re: igj

          Pico Blvd, between Robertson and Century City has a bunch of good kosher places.

        2. re: Tmblweed

          On weekends, they also have a grill set up outside where you can get kabobs to go.

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