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Jun 13, 2007 10:10 PM

Passed out w/ lucid dreams after a bowl of Steel Cut Oatmeal

So I normally eat the plain, quick 5-minute-to-prepare oatmeal for breakfast. However, after recently visiting an Irish breakfast restaurant up in Washington, I ordered their steel cut oatmeal served with a shot of Bailey's Irish Cream (Isn't that fantastic?!)...

Unfortunately to my disappointment, the waitress informed me that they were all sold out.

So as soon as I got home from my trip, I was determined to have my first bowl of steel cut oatmeal. Which I did sans the Baileys Cream since it was a work day..

Boy oh Boy! Talk about food coma! I was knocked out for almost three hours with such intense lucid dreams. I literally went about my day, from getting up, washing my face, getting ready for work, etc. but then I realize that I was just dreaming and then I'd have to tell myself to wake up. I would see myself waking up again and going through the same motions only to realize at some point that I was still dreaming. This continued over and over like a skipping reel of the film "Matrix" only difference is, Neo is a petite girl.

I was finally pulled out of this strange experience when my cell phone (that was sitting by my ear) starting ringing.

I told my BF about my experience and he told me that he had experienced that before, but for him, the culprit was a big bowl of yogurt parfait! I can't believe it! If you looked at him, you would think something like a monster burrito or something to that nature would knock him out...

So my question is..

Have you ever experienced this intense "lucid dream food coma knock out session"? And if so, what did you eat???

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  1. All I can think of is that the oats were infected with ergot, lysergic acid (LSD) can be isolated from ergot. Or not.
    Steel cut oats are the only way to go for oatmeal!

    1. If I eat a baked potato and nothing else for dinner, I will sleep soundly and usually have intense dreams. I don't eat baked potatoes alone very often, though. I cannot think why a complex carb like steel cut oats would have such an effect...

      1. I eat steel-cut oatmeal for breakfast 5 days a week. Although I never have had that experience, I sure am curious as to what brand you tried - I gotta get some of that... ;>