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Jun 13, 2007 09:59 PM

Where to propose w/o a dinner jacket & w/ money left in my pocket

Looking to propose in a cozy romantic setting without feeling like I am in a tourist trap. Not big on foie-gras, just good and simple food.

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  1. Chez Maitre Paul in the 6th would be a lovely and delicious spot.

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      1. In this, arguably sensitive situation, I would consider a Chinese restaurant: Diep, rue de Ponthieu (not the one on rue Pierre Charron). It is tasty and with nice service, it has a very nice peking duck menu for two (in particular, they make the skin pancakes for you at your table), and has a nice, romantic setting.

        Don't tell anyone, but this place worked each time for me (yes darling, that is why I haven't been in a long time).

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          My vote would be for:

          Le Petit Troquet
          28, Rue de l'Exposition
          75007 Paris, France
          01 47 05 80 39

          This tiny, charming, little piece of old Paris (near the Eiffel Tower in the 7th),
          is where I sent my parents last week to celebrate their 55th wedding anniversary.
          Madame is front of the house, Monsieur is the chef and their 20-something daughter
          is in charge of the breads and desserts.
          Be sure to make a reservation, as there are only about 8-10 tables.

          1. re: Hop

            I'l second Le P'tit Troquet. Lots of antique copper pots and old Parisian ephemera decorate this tiny and incredibly romantic little restaurant. Madame Vessiere is incredibly nice, and the food is very good, the prices won't break you. She speaks English, so you can call for reservations. My wife and I eat there once every time we go to Paris. And since this restaurant is just around the corner from the Eiffel Tower, a walk before or after dinner will be equally enchanting...

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              Must you do it in a restaurant? The son of a friend proposed to his girlfriend (now his wife) on the Pont Neuf- very romantic at night with the lights shimmering on the water.

              1. re: Gypsyfish

                Nothing against Le P'tit Troquet, but since the bistrot is so small, the whole place will become aware of your special occasion. Now if you want that...

                Personally, I think a really nice, cozy and classy hotel bar would do the trick as well, especially if you order two glasses of champagne.

                And sure, a nice, romantic place in the fresh air, too! What about near the twinkling Eiffel Tower (on the hour for a couple of minutes as soon as it is dark enough).

                1. re: Dodo

                  what about Le Pamphlet which has just re-opened?
                  Bistro-style in a nice and confortable setting. good food and not too pricy.