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babycakes in quincy

this new bakery opened up a few weeks ago (I believe) on beale st in quincy. Everytime I drive by it its pretty busy and I have also heard really good things about it. Anyone try it out yet?

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  1. Yes - it's fantastic! The French Toast cupcake is out of this world!!!

    1. This sounds awesome. Where on Beale St is this? I don't remember passing by a new bakery.

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        its close to where beale st meets newport ave. It's close to that school ( I think its an elementary or middle school).

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          Thanks! I live not too far away, except I never turn down that way of Beale St. I'll have to see if they're open tomorrow for a visit. *visions of cupcakes dance in my head*

      2. http://ledger.southofboston.com/artic...

        It's an article from the Patriot Ledger. It sounds great.

        1. I loved it! And their signature baby cake is wonderful!

          1. I split the strawberry shortcake, red velvet, lemon coconut, and carrot cake with several friends last Friday. They were all great, but the strawberry shortcake was outstanding!

            1. I've only been to this place once, but I loved it! I bought 6 of the lemon coconut and 6 of the babycakes. They were amazing, I brought them to a party and everybody loved them and they were only $15 for a dozen. It's a very tiny place but well worth finding, the quality is very high.

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                $15 a dozen? are those mini cupcakes??

              2. $15/dozen sounds pretty cheap. Are they normal size cupcakes or are they huge?

                I still haven't gone yet (and I only live about 2 miles away). The one time I did try to go there, they were closed cause they sold out of cupcakes.

                Anyone have any suggestion as to what to buy?

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                  I'll 2nd the request for recommendations. I stopped by last weekend, but of course they were closed due to a family wedding. :-(

                2. We picked up a dozen plus for a party we were having today and they were delicious! The strawberry shortcake and the babycake were the definite favorites.

                  Damn..... there goes the diet!

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                    Digging up an old thread. Live 1/2 mile away and finally tried them last night.

                    We had the oreo cake and the carrot cake.... AWESOME.

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                      I am thankful they live close enough for me to walk to if I want, but they're not close enough that it's an easy walk (a good 20-25 minutes) -- just far enough so I won't stop by every day. Waaaay too tempting. I've not had a bad cupcake from them yet.

                  2. Next time try the lemon with coconut. I have a hard time passing those up. Babycakes are great as well.

                    1. Count me in the minority here, I guess.

                      Their cupcakes have an odd cakemix texture to them. The crumb is heavy and unpleasant. At the very least it suggests they don't bother using cake flour.

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                        Hamster, I'm so suprised to see your post, have you tried the lemon ones?

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                          Yes. Lemon was the first one I bit into. It tasted good but I found the texture of the cupcake -- of all the cupcakes I've had there -- to be really offputting. Some were like bad cornbread (cornbread made with too much flour).

                          I prefer a finer, lighter crumb to my cupcakes.

                          Although they are inventive and tasty, I've certainly had a lot better. I've even made better actual cupcakes myself (the cake part), though their fillings, frosting and other flavorings are certainly nothing I could replicate.

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                            I like their cupcakes but they are dense. The carrot cake is particularly heavy. But I like the dense chewy chocolate flavor of their original babycake.

                      2. I wonder if they know about Babycakes in NYC & LA http://www.babycakesnyc.com/

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                            WHO DOES THAT?!?!?! Send Barbara Lynch after him!