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Jun 13, 2007 08:52 PM

Good mexican in Burbank area?

any thoughts? Also, Thai? Chinese? Korean? Or any other cheap ethnic secret spots?

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  1. La Cabanita

    It is not in Burbank but rather in Glendale, which is not too far. Actual address is 3447 N. Verdugo Glendale, Ca 91208.

    You can find a lot of good reviews if you do a search on the boards.

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    1. re: hambriento

      Gotta say I do not like La Cabanita. At all. Never have, Never Will.

      I am going off of your "Cheap" request. Many of these recs will be bashed, but for the price, they are just fine.

      Thai Room Restaurant on Hollywood way between Verdugo and Magnolia. Decent Thai like $6-$8 a plate. Dingy place but I like to sit on patio and chill.

      Pinnocio's/Monte Carlo for good cheap Italian.

      Kuru,Kuru Sushi in a strip mall on Verdugo an H-way (if it is still there) decent food for the dough.

      Mambo's Cuban on Victory and Western (on the way to Griffith park) I really like this place. Haven't been in a while.

      On Glenoaks where you are practically in Glendale is a place called Cafe Bravo for good Kebabs.

      For crappy red saucy Americanized Mexican I like El Charro up the street from La Cabanita in La Crescenta and I prefer their Margos. (I know tequila, was in a club, tried 225 different kinds + taught a class about it for a while)

      For Mexican taco stand type restaurant people on the board really like that Casitas place. I go all the way to Sylmar to a place (and a truck) call El Faro Tacos
      There used to be a taco stand at the car wash at the Toluca border on Magnolia, don't know if it is still there.

      There is a large Korean population in La Crescenta. I would recommend Ka-San on Foothill (the whole town is practically on foothill) near Pennsylvania.

      Hope this helps

      1. re: joea

        "There used to be a taco stand at the car wash at the Toluca border on Magnolia, don't know if it is still there."

        That is the El Taco Llama that I mentioned. I prefer it to Casita.

        1. re: Jwsel

          Glad that they are still around. (i don't prefer casita either but i already bashed another place within my post)

    2. for plentiful and tasty Mexican, but NO decor WHATSOEVER - try VIVA FRESH on Riverside next to the Equestrian Center

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      1. re: Theo

        Viva Fresh was my LEAST favorite Mexican food in Burbank (I thought they were worse than Barragan's). The albondiga (meatball) soup that I had at Viva Fresh tasted like they had heated up salsa & added a meatball to it for looks. I also would not recommend Alfredo's Granada restaurant unless you're only interested in the margaritas & not the food.

      2. Lots of great, cheap, authentic Thai places near Burbank, all on Sherman Way between the 170 Fwy and Woodman Ave. Krua, Sunshine, Swan, Khun Dang, Cha Chaa, Bua Siam, Sanamluang.

        In the same area is BBQ Unlimited, a Cantonese place that's among the best in that particular Valley (though it wouldn't even be a blip on the radar in the SGV, it's way better than the "Americanised" Chinese places), and two Peruvian places, Las Quenas at Sherman/Bellaire and El Hatuchay at Sherman/Coldwater.

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        1. re: Das Ubergeek

          In that same area of North Hollywood is one of the good branches of El Taco Llama -- on Sherman Way in the vicinity of Laurel Canyon. If you are in south Burbank, the El Taco Lllama at Magnolia, just east of and Cahuenga, may be closer. The asada is great and they have one of the best salsa rojas. At night, in the parking lot of the car wash at Vineland and Vanowen is one of the best taco trucks in the city, Tacos La Fonda.

        2. For Thai try Chadaka Thai on San Fernando or the new Gindi Thai near Toluca Lake.
          For Mexican try La Casita (it's a hole in the wall on Victory Bl. in a strip mall) for super fresh soft tacos. Fish is their specialty.

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          1. re: socalqtpi

            Is the La Casita you're describing Casita Tacos? If not, it shouldn't be confused with the Casita Tacos at Magnolia and Bakman in NoHo.

          2. There is also a Casita Taco in Burbank at Victory and Magnolia, no atmosphere whatsoever, but very good. There is also a Poquito Mas on Olive near Buena Vista. One block from the Burbank NoHo border on Burbank and Clybourn is Mucho Mas which is good and has a nice atmosphere. Last but not Least Don Cuco on Riverside near Pass.

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            1. re: zra

              All good, except Don Cuco's... Mexiglop combo plates.

              1. re: Das Ubergeek

                ITA. I was about to say "last and definitely least."