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Jun 13, 2007 08:05 PM

Somerset- Oakland

Thinking about dinner sunday night for anniversary . Whats the latest on Somerset
Menu looks good.
Wood tavern is booked for Sunday Night

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  1. Booked or closed? Cuz if Wood Tavern is open on Sunday night, that's a change in hours. I did read in a recent post that the Sunday lunch is now gone, so perhaps their hours have changed.

    Can't speak to the food at dinner, but the service issues at Somerset at brunch would lead me to expect it to be a frustrating experience for an anniversary dinner. Other Sunday night options in the East Bay include Sea Salt, Oliveto, Rivoli, and A Cote. I'd take any of those over Somerset.

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    1. re: lexdevil

      Wood Tavern is open for Sunday dinner but not for lunch.

    2. I wouldn't recommend Somerset for dinner, especially a special one. While the atmosphere is great, the food and service are really subpar (and the ingredient sourcing a problem given the prices). As it stands, I would only go to Somerset for brunch and only because it is really really close and I like the lemon ricotta pancakes.

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      1. re: The Dive

        Service is definitely lacking and the food isn't good enough to make up for it (but it's still expensive). Oh, and watch out for the brunch -- they stop serving the lemon ricotta pancakes well before my concept of brunchtime is over, around 11.

      2. Somerset was my worst meal of 2007 to date. Burnt fried chicken. I would not recommend it.

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        1. re: Morton the Mousse

          Same story here with the fried chicken. And it was terribly salty as well.

          1. re: Big Larry

            That's too bad. We were there for brunch a month or two after they'd first opened and had such inept service that my DH refused to go back. I've been hoping to get him to try their dinner, but sounds like it's not worth the effort.

        2. The two main threads I can find about Somerset are both from 2007 and overwhelmingly negative. My MIL and parents go often and like the place. Yelp says it's classy and romantic, but who knows if that's reliable. I've never been, and I'm trying to decide whether to risk a birthday dinner there (not mine). I need someplace for a Sunday and he wants to go somewhere new (to him). Has anyone been there recently?

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          1. re: Glencora

            It looks like the Chronicle's 2-1/2 star rating also dates from 2006/2007. I think it's telling that there aren't any recent comments on this board or updates in the newspaper. Among my circle of friends and acquaintances, I don't know anyone who's been there.

            If it's a birthday, why take a chance? In that neighborhood, Wood Tavern and A Cote are very good and serve on Sunday. I'm not familiar with Marica, but it's been favorably mentioned on this board, and is open Sunday as well.

            1. re: Rapini

              Thanks. I like A Cote and Wood Tavern, but we've been to both of them a couple times. I'll steer him toward Corso, since that would be for new for him. I suppose it is telling that there's so little here about Somerset, but thought it was possible things had improved since 2007. My MIL adores the fried chicken that Morton the Moose said was burnt. And she's very picky about service, so I thought that might have improved, too.

            2. re: Glencora

              Met some friends there for lunch last month because I knew it would be quiet. Really quiet. There was hardly anyone in there, and yet we had to hunt down and beg the serving staff for menus, bread, drinks and, eventually, the bill. Our salads were very good, when we finally got them, but there's no reason for bad service like that so I won't be returning.

            3. Walked by Sunday and noticed it had closed.

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              1. re: Robert Lauriston

                The owner is opening a new restaurant on Grand which was most recently Taste of Joy.


                1. re: Robert Lauriston

                  I'm only bemoaning the loss of the bar side bc College Ave has so few places where you can have a nice cocktail. The bartender whose name I forget was quite a talent. The bar was small and quiet but stocked with nice booze. He would devote at least 5 minutes to crafting your drink, which could involve extensive shaking, layering, fanciful designs drawn with bitters, etc. I always wanted to try a dessert drink because there was flaming involved. If anyone knows his name (I know he's on Facebook bc he gave us a card one time) and where he has gone, pls post it here.

                  1. re: rubadubgdub

                    Fanciful designs drawn with bitters?

                    1. re: Glencora

                      Yes, he would use an eyedropper to place little droplets of bitters or amaro and then run a toothpick through to create a design.