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Jun 13, 2007 06:46 PM

Lime & Cantina & Leon's

I know Leon's has been open for a while. Do hounds have any opinions on these eateries?
What's the ingredients, prep quality? Portions/price? Saratoga Springs is a chameleon when it comes to restaurants. Thank you.

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  1. We go to Leon's for Margaritas and chicken fajitas.

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      1. Marco-
        I checked out Lime restaurant it just opened and I brought my family. WOW! The prices are very reasonable for the quality. The chef came out to talk to some customers and we found out that they prep daily and everything is cooked to order. I had the lime fillet - 24.00 definetly worth the price. check it out!

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          Thanks much, Jay and Steven. They're on our list. The madness has almost started. Some weekday for lunch looks good.

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            StevenP, if you remember what else did you have?

          2. Has anyone been to Lime (Saratoga Springs/Caribbean cuisine) recently? What was your experience? Is this more of a lunch place? p.s. I also took a look at and read marco's 10/8/2007 post, nothing else came up when I did a search of this board.

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              A friend and I went to Lime for dinner last night after a meeting. It is tiny and casual but in more of a bistro way than a storefront way. The menu and wine list are also small, though the choices seemed good. We had the lime shrimp, sake clams, a side of coconut mashed potatoes and a couple of glasses of wine for $54, which I thought was quite reasonable (especially for Saratoga.) The stand-out was the sake clam dish; 7 or 8 sweet clams on wide noodles in a sake broth. I would go back for them in a heartbeat. The lime shrimp was fine but not outstanding. It came with a mix of vegetables (cut a bit fatter than I would prefer – eating them was a bit complicated at times.) Also, we luckily had ordered the coconut mashed potatoes and used them to soak up the delicious, accompanying sauce. Nothing of the sort was provided, nor did we get spoons. Service was fine.

              Re-reading this, it sounds more negative than we felt. Lime is not, in my mind, a destination restaurant, but I would happily go back for lunch or a casual dinner.

              p.s. People seem to think Lime is a Mexican restaurant, but I think it is intended to be Caribbean.

            2. Went to Lime for dinner. No reservations and it was a Saturday night. Friendly, warm service. Small menu, charming space. Casual. Carribean food and music. We had the following:


              Charred artichokes with served with garlic, lemon and lime dip


              Jicama pear salad - jicama, snow peas, pears, baby spinach, toasted almonds and house vinaigrette


              Chicken Barbados - quartered chicken seared with marsala, banana coconut curacao orange sauce, spicy jerked carrots. They were out of black beans.

              Bajan Tilapia - broiled and rubbed with bajan hot sauce, , mango salsa, avocado. Side of coconut mashed potatoes (delicious!) and string beans with a spicy carribean coating.

              We could of used a bit more spice. SO asked for extra Bajan hot sauce. The spiced carrots and string beans were very good.

              Reasonable. Good food. We would definitely go back. Only downside is limited menu. Maybe it's good because they keep it small and don't try to be all things.

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                Lime is quite good, although with an overreliance on the ubiquitous and flavorless tilapia. Leon's is a big disappointment since Filoberto Leon, a retired jockey, is from Mexico. Comes across as too Tex-Mex. Cantina is the only innovative Mex. place in Saratoga. Great duck taquitos, and has actual huitlacoche in its quesadilla.