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Jun 13, 2007 06:18 PM

I-40 (from L.A.) to Nashville

We're doing a road trip next week - a friend's moving from L.A. to Nashville - and we're looking for non-glamorous/low-end suggestions on or near I-40. We're allowing 4 or 5 days for the trip so we're not in a tearing hurry, but I imagine we won't be looking too fabulously presentable and will be way more interested in eating, looking around and chatting with people than in getting dressed up. Any suggestions for lodging, friendly dives, oddities, food festivals or local specialties to keep an eye out for along the way also gratefully recieved! Thanks, will report back...

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  1. The best single piece of advice I can give you is to plan on being in Amarillo in the AM so you can get breakfast at the legendary Big Texan steakhouse. Easily one of the best steak and eggs breakfast on the planet. You'll get the same steak served at lunch and dinner for a lot less money.

    Other recommendations would include Albuquerque's Frontier (open 24 hours, pretty much a do not miss) and 4B's in Grants, NM, a truckstop coffee shop with kickbutt tomato soup plus very solid
    fare for that kind of place.

    1. We're on out way the other direction. Stopped at the BBQ Hut on Madison in Memphis. Inexpensive, great dry rub ribs. Not difficult to get on and off highway. We waundered some up to Fayetteville, Arkansas, and ate at B&B's BBQ and had marvelous pork and beef sandwiches, fried dill pickles (wonderful, even my husband who doesn't like pickles snarfed them up), and delicious fried pies. Now in Santa Fe, someone just recommended the Bull Ring Steakhouse, and for breakfast Tecolate (sp?) Cafe on Cerrillos. Bob Cat Bites on Old Pecos for chili cheese burgers. I was underwhelmed this time at Harry's Roadhouse.

      1. Didn't you already post this question?

        If you want more answers, I suggest you post on each individual board. For example, the Southwest Board, the Texas Board, the South Board. Many people who have great ideas may only check their local boards.