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Jun 13, 2007 06:03 PM

Where to buy Mozzarella di bufala?

Just read the tasting article about Mozzarella di bufala on sfgate. Got me inspired to prepare a salad with some. Since a lot of places only carry it seasonally, has anyone seen any of this recently in the shops anywhere in the area?

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  1. Cheeseboard in Berkeley has a couple of brands. Cowgirl Creamery in the Ferry Building has a California made mozzarella di bufala that the Chronicle did not know about.

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      Have you tried the Cowgirl version? I didn't know they made one. I'm curious to know how it compares to the Italian versions.

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        Looking at their website, I think they don't make it, but they sell one from Bubulus Bubalis in Northern Cal, which is made from Norcal buffaloes. Anyone try this cheese?

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          Yes, when it is fresh it is very nice, somewhat firmer than Gustosella with a good dairy flavor and a little hit of salt.
          They have been selling it for years.

    2. not too long ago I saw at
      A. G. Ferrari Foods at the California location

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        This was in the SF Gate today- they mention the one I have tried from A.G Ferrari so that means they must still carry it, but you will find other places to try from this article.


      2. Not sure, but you could try molinari's in North Beach and Lucca Ravioli in the mission.

        1. I've bought mozzarella di Bufala from Campagnia at Costco in Richmond. I haven't seen it in San Leandro, though, so not all of the stock it. It's $9.99 for 500 grams.

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            Costco? That sounds surprising given that good mozzarella di bufala should be eaten quite soon after it's made. How would you describe the quality?

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              I'm no expert, but it tasted pretty good to me!

          2. Cheeseboard is the standard.
            BTW, you might just go whole hog and try the BURRTA while you are at it ...
            that's like M di B turned up to 11. Although it is $$$ and addicting.
            It is best try C'board on Thr afternoon for BURRATA and probably for good MdiB.
            The Burrata in the green wrapper is better than the Bulbus stuff. As you say
            availability is slightly erratic, but they had it a couple of weeks ago.

            BTW, this is a frequently asked question, so worth searching archives for.

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              Didn't see any recent posts in the archives. I always grab some burrata when I see it, quite familiar with that one. It's a little different than mozerella di buffala. I'll check the cheeseboard for it.