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Jun 13, 2007 05:09 PM

Bohemian Steak!

I've just discovered Bohemian Steak tonight. I picked one that was beautifully marbled and cooked it at home. It didn't cost much more than a Skirt Steak, has slightly less beefy flavor than skirt steak, but is still plenty flavorful, and yet buttery tender cooked medium rare.
They told me it's the tail end of the Porter House. The way it comes, about 1.5 inches thick, makes an more attractive serving than skirt steak.

Why didn't anyone tell me about this cut? Is it new?

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  1. HLing - I bought this cut from Citarella yesterday! Gourmet had written a small blurb about it here:

    1. In New England these are called sirloin tips, and good, well-marbled ones are truly great, one of my favorite cuts. They used to be super-cheap; not so cheap any more, but they still cost a lot less than sirloin or ribeye.

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        Being from massachusetts, i always took steak tips for granted i guess. I was not aware that the rest of the country is in the dark about this cut. In New England its ubiquitous summertime grillin fare. I like them cut bite sized and skewered in between button mushrooms and large chunks of onion. A few minutes on the grill and you're eating well.

      2. HLing, where did you buy your Bohemian Steak?

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        1. re: KTinNYC

          wow, replies two years after i posted so somehow i wasn't alerted. Interesting info from the

          KtinNYC, like thestylishgourment, I got it at Citarella on Broadway next to Fairway. I think you have to pick them because I got them again after the first time and it wasn't as well-marbled. Haven't gotten them again since then. I hope the price doesn't go up too high. Maybe the New Englanders were keeping them a secret for good reasons.

        2. It's quite common abroad. In France it's the bavette (bib), and it's often a steak frites favorite. I comes from the side of the steer as a continuation of the flap/tail of the short loin. It should be available by request at most butchers, but it often goes into fajita/stir fry meat.

          1. I just bought one for the first time at Citarella today ($12.99/lb) and then came home found this post near the top of the google results. I've been looking for a tasty, cheap, quick-cooking steak. Skirt and hanger are getting so trendy and expensive. I like tri-tip, but it's thick and cooking it inside means a lot smoke and splatter. I hope this cut continues to stay under the foodie radar.

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              Depends where you are - I also bought some today (for at least the 200th time) for $12.99/lb at my local Whole Foods, but right beside them were skirt steaks at $9.99/lb.

              1. re: BobB

                That's interesting to hear. At Fairway in Manhattan, I often see skirt steak going for as much $18.99. Whole Foods' meats are less expensive in general and seem to be better quality here, contrary to their Whole Paycheck reputation. I miss the days when these odd cuts (including short ribs, lamb shanks, pork belly, etc.) were super cheap.