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Jun 13, 2007 04:34 PM

Good eats in Selma, NC (or thereabouts)?

Hi all,
My dad has to travel south on I-95 on Sunday, and since it's Father's Day I'd like to drive out to meet him for a late breakfast or lunch before he continues on his way. I looked at a map and it seems that Selma might be promising, since it looks convenient for him to pull off of I-95. Does anyone have any suggestions for places to eat there? Or is there somewhere else along I-95 that's a reasonable drive from the triangle, that you'd recommend?

Thanks so much!

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  1. You might try Cafe Monet in Smithfield (town adjacent to Selma). I hope it is still open... it has been a couple of years since I have been there (contact info below). It has a nice atmosphere and I remember the food being good! I don't think there is anything in Selma except fast-food and shopping center Chinese. Happy Father's Day!
    302 E Church St
    Smithfield, NC

    Phone: (919) 989-3039

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      In Selma once last fall, and remember the lunch I had from Sweetwater Cafe as good, very good in fact. Check their menu on line; it's quite varied.

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        If I'm not mistaken, Sweetwater has closed. Not suprising, considering it was in Selma (I was born & raised there but moved away when I graduated from high school).

        Your best bet may be Becky's Log Cabin Restaurant, right off I-95 in Smithfield if you want something convenient and quick. It's not gourmet spectacular by any means, but a solid meat & 3.

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          Looks like Sweetwater is now re-opened; a friend in Selma recommends Edelweiss Cafe but closed Sunday and Monday, so barring that, he said Sweetwater Grille which is open 11 to 3 Sundays.

          Had a truly mediocre to poor meal at Becky's on the same trip (stayed at the motel so it seemed convenient). Tired salad bar, gummy soup, underdone and old tasting baked potato, with a marginal steak. Would not recommend. And it wasn't cheap either.

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            Sorry about Becky's. It's been about 4 years since we were there last.
            Let us know about Sweetwater; may go there next time we're home to visit.

    2. In Smithfield, there is an experience which shouldn't be missed.

      Now we're not talking gourmet here, but the food is cheap, good, and "down home".

      Off 70Bus, turn south on old 301. In the first block on the right is the Chicken Barn. The last time I was there they still dipped the fresh chicken into the flour and fried them.
      Honest fried chicken cheap.

      Across the street is Millies, which is takeout (stand out) only. But they have real NC hot dogs, old fashioned burgers (get yours with chili and slaw), greens, hog jowls and other simple plain country cooking like you don't get most places anymore, especially the ones that "advertise" country cooking.

      Adjacent to and in the same parking lot as the chicken barn is the big surprise worth driving a couple of hours to Smithfield for:


      Sno-cones so good they're like Aliens came down from Outer-space to save us and brought them for us, Sno-cones so good that the Saints in Heaven smile down at them, making gestures of benediction, Sno-cones made by Teenage Mutant Ninja Transformer Puppies who have special Sno-cone powers, . . well I could go on. (no I don't work there, lol).

      But the owner is a nutty perfectionist. He makes his own simple sugar syrups from pure H20 (not tap water) and pure cane sugar. Then he makes the flavored syrups by adding essences which he searches the world over for. I don't know how many tangerine essences he's tried now, but it was a lot the last time I checked.

      Then his sno-cone machine is razor sharp and well maintained, and it literally shaves the ice into a snow like consistency, not this cheap crushed-ice stuff that is so prevalent these days.

      You can get free tastes, you can get cheap cheap sno-cones (get the "no ball", they're cheaper), you can get sweetened condensed milk added to flavors like chocolate, marshmallow fluff, and other wierd additives. He has dozens and dozens of flavors, and the experience is not to be missed.

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        Not sure if Hill's is still open. The owner, Tommy Hill, died last year. He was a great guy... went to school with him and his sisters.

      2. When I think of Selma I have to remember Shorts Hot Dogs, long ago it use to be Wilbur's.

        Alias, Brown's Barbecue is out of business.