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Jun 13, 2007 04:23 PM

Tongue, Anyone?

Hi, SF Chowhounds!
Long time no post. Long story short: my husband wants tongue, but he'll have to do it himself. Er...that sounds odd, so short story long - I'll explain myself.

I categorically refuse to cook that huge scary cow's tongue that terrified me as a young child everytime I'd see my Grandma Gertrude leave the thing waiting to cook, or cooling down, on her Brooklyn kitchen drainboard, and consequently I won't eat it. Nay, I won't touch it, or even look at it.

But after all these years of cooking for him my husband has come forth with the request for tongue - cow's tongue, to be exact, and it so creeps me out that I don't even quite know what exactly I'm asking it best roasted...I know it's boiled (that's what Grandma Gertrude did with it), or is it only available sliced and nitrated in delis (I prefer no preservatives - but if that's the only game in town it will have to do).

I have agreed to ask you all where my husband can find cooked tongue as long as he agrees not to chase me around the apartment with it or otherwise brandish the horrid organ. So, I'm picturing something that could be kept in an opaque wrapping in the fridge that he, who does not cook AT ALL, could easily serve himself (with me none the wiser)?

So, please - some places in SF that Richard could obtain some really good (well wrapped) cooked cow's tongue.


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  1. On Wednesdays he can get it at La Perla in South San Francisco. Tongue is the Wednesday special.

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    1. re: Nancy Berry

      I love lengua. Smoked tongue on a sandwich is good and chopped tongue on a taco is good. Lengua at La Perla in South San Francisco on Wednesdays is HEAVEN SENT; it's silky and velvety and melts on your tongue, it makes you sigh, moan, and weep.

      La Perla
      224 Lux Ave
      South San Francisco, CA 94080
      (650) 589-8302

    2. just South of SF but worth the short detour to La Perla on Wednesdays for tongue. Very tasty stuff here - plus their house made tortillas.

      I realize that it's not exactly what you inquired about - something that you could keep in the fridge but think of it this way .... he can go out and eat it. you won't have to risk seeing it in the fridge and the ensuing flashbacks to Brooklyn.

      1. Many decent, non-anglofied taquerias serve beef tongue (lengua). I see it all the time but never order it. Also can get it in pho at some places.

        1. Some Chinese delis also have cooked, marinated cow tongue as well. There is one on Stockton around Pacific or thereabouts that I don't remember the name of that sells cooked cow tongue.

          Actually, I'm munching on a taco truck lengua burrito as I'm typing. =)

          1. Panchita's #3 in the Mission, has superb tongue, as does La Corneta (theirs is in a mildly spicy, smoky red sauce - it's awesome) in Glen Park...

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            1. re: sfoperalover

              Piense Ud. que Panchita's numero tres tiene lengua mas delisciosa de todos las Panchita's? Personalmente, me gusta numero dos.
              Y La Corneta en Glen Park, es la misma que la restaurante que es en la calle Mission?
              Hey, did I say that correctamente?
              Does panchita's number 2 on 16th near Valencia make tongue as well as number 3? (I've only been to number 2). And does the La Corneta in Glen Park make it as well (same owners?) as La Corneta on Mission street?
              Actually, currently, you just named my absolute favorite Latino restaurants in SF. It can't be a coincidence. Both are incredible BARGAINS too!

              1. re: niki rothman

                no trato escribir en espanol....
                panchitas #3 is run by the son of panchita, who named it in honor of his mother. i have never had the tongue at #2, but love it at #3. also, i assume that the lengua at Corneta in GP is as good as their mission branch (also, a secret - the ceviche at Corneta is outstanding and CHEAP)

                1. re: sfoperalover

                  Wow! Thanks for the ceviche "secret". That is much more up my own personal alley than tongue (ick!) My own personal La Corneta tips for you are the shrimp and carne asada (flame grilled!) but you have to insist they grill it very rare to order or, like all taquerias, you get what has been waiting around drying out and getting rubbery.

                  1. re: niki rothman

                    If you know any restarateurs or market owners that are from Jalisco ask them for Lengua en Escabeche or another cold preparation.... its more like the Basque dish than Lengua Tacos... and probably closer to what you are looking for.