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Jun 13, 2007 04:08 PM

reasonable prices and good food--suggestions

I'll be in NO for a week in mid july. I'm looking for places with really good food at reasonable prices ($15-25 range). What is a must in NO. I'll be staying in the French Quarter but don't mind traveling if the food is worth it. I'm pretty open to food type. I've already made reservations at Nola and just would like a few more suggestions. What is a must eat at place. (not too touristy) Thanks

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  1. Mona Lisa restaurant at 1212 Royal St. has excellent Italian food in your price range. They have lots of yummy pasta dishes, terrific gourmet pizza, paneed veal, etc. plus a rustic and homey atmosphere and friendly service all in the French Quarter.

    1. Eleven79 can be slightly more expensive, but not too much more. Its an incredible italian place hidden in the warehouse district. Its certainly not touristy.

      1. Mother's on Poydras is a great breakfast or lunch choice if you want to keep it cheap. It is a cafeteria style place and there is always a line but it moves quickly. Ferdi Special and crawfish etouffee can't be beat.

        Clover Grill and Port of Call are great burgers down in the quarter (again VERY casual).

        Napoleon House is a good place to stop and grab a bite in the quarter and Muriel's is fabulous too although maybe a bit pricey.

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          I second the recommendation for etouffee at Mother's. Had some last summer and I still drool at the thought.

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            If you want a po-boy, and dont want to be as touristy as Mother's, try Domilise's. Except it is like 15 minutes from the qtr.

        2. A few years ago, our family of eight spent a week in 2 timeshare trades on Decatur and found this little place to be just right for breakfasts and an occasional lunch. Great prices, good food, and convenient.

          1. OH--and Croissant D'Or on Ursuline for breakfast pastries...ridiculously good