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Jun 13, 2007 04:06 PM

Business dinner near the Marina?

I work for a company in Marina del Rey, and my team managed to exceed all of our expectations for the quarter, so our boss wants to take us out for dinner. We're trying to narrow down our choices, so I thought I'd come on hear to get some new ideas. It's going to be for four people for an early dinner, and though we work in the Marina, we can range a little bit to get to a good restaurant - the westside, down to the South Bay, maybe Beverly Hills.

We discussed Fogo de Chao, but that might be a little too expensive. I know that Samba will reopen later this month, but we need to do this before then. Steak places are good, as are seafood; italian is probably out, but if there's anywhere that fits, let me know; we discussed other ethnic places, but nothing jumped out and grabbed us.

Any suggestions?

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    1. According to Menupages, Fogo de Chao charges $52.50 (*) for all you can eat meat gluttony - food only - and you'd like to find some place cheaper on the westside.

      Billingsley's in WLA has a 10 oz. Filet for $23.95 with soup or salad and all the sides included. Warning - the average age of their customers is over 65; so if you looking for a festive and happening atmosphere, then ?!?!?

      11326 W. Pico Blvd. - right, and I do mean right, next to the 405.
      (310) 477-1426

      Frida in Beverly Hills, I've enjoyed going there but never have tried their Filet, but you could do an upscale mexican salad surf-n-turf for $41 - food only:

      Al Taquila Salad (includes seared Tuna) - $12
      Filet Tentacion (? oz.) "with" the sides (most expensive) - $29

      You could eat well there for less, and like everywhere else spend more, but definetly more festive than Billingsley.

      (*) Could have been raised by now.

      1. I love Fogo. It's a better (cheaper) deal during lunch, like $32pp or so. I think it's a nice place for a company meal. The salad bar is fantastic, bread rolls are amazing, the ambience is really nice, lots of wine, and the meat is good and plentiful. Maybe you can persuade everyone to do lunch instead of dinner?

        If it must be dinner, Chaya Venice and Rustic Canyon (in Santa Monica) are both fun and have great food and drink. Or head over to Culver City, an easy drive from where you are, just take Washington or Culver east, and try Beacon, Ford's Filling Station, Wilson, or Fraiche. There's also the chain Houston's in Santa Monica which is pretty nice and always reliable.

        1. 26 Beach would seem to be a good option. It's convenient, it's got a huge menu, it's cheaper than Fogo, etc.

          If you were not drinking too much, then Joe's on Abbot Kinney would probably fit the bill, too. Great fish, nice place.

          1. Beechwood on Washington at Abbot Kinney. Sit in the dining room - the food is fantastic, perfect spot for you. Excellent steak, seafood, and just an amazing menu for everyone.