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Jun 13, 2007 03:47 PM

Has anyone gone to Mio?

Which dishes have you enjoyed?

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  1. I went in for a few drinks one afternoon, and the menu looked pretty good, especially the dessert menu. But sometime in the first month the opening chef quit, so I'm not planning on going in until things settle and I hear some good reports.

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      The menu is great. Even with the opening chef gone the integrity of the food is still there. Great flavors. Wonderful food, wonderful desserts, wonderful drinks. New menu just kicked in. Time to see what the new chef can do!

    2. Following up on this post--has anyone else been since then? Specific recommendations would help.
      We're going with a group next week.

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      1. re: KWynn

        My last attempt to bring this question up again since we're going tonight.

        Either way, I'll write a review and respond to this thread sometime over the weekend. But advanced suggestions would help. :)

      2. What is going on there??? They lost their 2nd chef and I heard the pastry chef left, too. It's a shame. I wonder if the food will change. I had some wonderful things there in the past but in a recent visit the food had gone downhill. When Mio first opened I had a fabulous keylime pie at the reccommendation of the waitress. When I returned this past week I ordered it again and it was awful. My girlfriend had sorbet and ice cream which were good. Perhaps the key lime was off because it was restaurant week? I haven't heard anything about a new chef or pastry chef. Could be that the cooks are in charge of desserts now.

        Hope they pick it up!