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Jun 13, 2007 03:37 PM

Let the Feasting Begin! Graduation Dinner at or near San Gabriel Valley

It's finally my graduation from these "best years of my life" known as High School, or should I say my graduation DINNER! I'm wondering where i should go though, any suggestions/places are welcome. The only catch is...the accomodation for 8-9 of us. For special occasions, we would usually do a $100+ Geoduck Clam or Lobster at Newport Seafood or have a Meze feast at Wahib's but in my attempt to "stray from my usuals"(read blog), I'll try anything else.

Thanks, I really appreciate it.

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  1. FWIW, for my college graduation I arranged a three-family blowout at 888 Seafood. One of the families was my friend who loves Newport and had always gone there like you.

    Partly it was just the novelty of going somewhere new, but her grandparents liked 888 so much they went there for their next anniversary instead of Newport!

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      1. re: teenage glutster

        Hello there. Sorry, I've been off line all weekend.

        Particularly memorable dishes include lobster, winter melon soup served in a giant winter melon shell, and the cold platter. I know in the end it's just all the same stuff that you've already seen if you're used to eating Chinese banquets, but they do a great job.

    1. Go for Cambodian (or Khmer) at Battambang.

      1806 S San Gabriel Blvd
      San Gabriel, CA 91776
      (626) 307-3938

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      1. re: ipsedixit

        that's place right?
        I've actually have been wanting to go there, do you know at what time they close?
        Also, what else do you recommend apart from that steamed curried fish?

        1. re: teenage glutster

          They close at 10:30PM. They do karaoke at have been warned!

          1. re: teenage glutster

            Hmm, not sure what you mean by "'s place" ... did Jonathon review it recently?

            Anyhow, the curried fish is good, but wouldn't be my first choice. I much prefer the chicken or beef curry dishes. If it's your first time, I would suggest one of the banquet menus and ask if the restaurant has any durian desserts on hand, you won't be sorry.

            Oh, and like you soon will be, I'm also an Alhambra H.S. alum.

            Congrats on graduation.

        2. How about a "Himalayan Feast" at Tibet Nepal House in Pasadena? - not that far away on my map. Absorb the detailed review and pictures below:

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          1. re: JBC

            hmm...i haven't had me some yak in a long time.

            so many choices!

            thanks, keep 'em comin!

          2. I'd party it up at Lu Din Gee with a peking duck feast. I've gone there with only one other chow partner, but have seen groups of the size you are describing. I thought it had party-ish atmosphere and the food was incredible and rich. My reccomendation (if you go) besides the peking duck, is to just look at the menu and order what seems interesting. We did that and it ended up really well, the outstanding item being the eel rice.
            Lu Din Gee
            (1039 E. Valley Blvd, B102 San Gabriel, CA 91776 Tel: (626) 288-0588.)

            Another suggestion might be Babita, and I know they have a room in back for larger parties. It is almost the best I have ever tasted, only being beaten by my friend's mothers' home cooking. I highly suggest the Cochinita pibil or the camarones topolobampo ( if you REALLY like spicy stuff).
            1823 S San Gabriel Blvd
            San Gabriel, CA
            Phone: (626) 288-7265

            I'll leave the rest of the suggestions up to other chowhounds or I'll be ranting about the SGV for hours. BTW, love your blog. Its nice to see someone near my age with an interest and appreciation for food ( i.e. not scarfing down pizza bagels in the caf). Congrats on finishing the joy that is HS. I've got three yrs to go. Ugh.

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            1. If it were me, I'd be awfully tempted to get live king crab and lobster at NBC (404 S Atlantic Blvd., (626) 282-2323).