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Jun 13, 2007 02:58 PM

Hot City Pizza sandwich - St. Paul

OK, so Sunday night, husband, child, and I walked into Shamrock's intending to enjoy a tasty tasty burger and fries. They were completely packed - 20 minutes for a table (!). Yay for Shamrocks, but we were hungry and pressed for time , so we decided to try the hoagies at Hot City Pizza (just across Randolph) instead.

We live in the West Seventh 'hood and used to order Hot City pizza all the time (it's really good for flatbread-style pizza), but had kind of forgotten about it since Pizza Luce moved to St. Paul. Anyway, I was really pleased with the "Philly Style" meatball sandwich I ordered, so I thought I'd tell y'all about it.

It was like an Americanized banh mi, in a really good way. The bun was "pretty good" - not standout, but a good, supportive canvas for the rest of the ingredients to fill.
Inside the sandwich I found: very tasty, pleasantly mushy meatballs; Italian-American marinara sauce; pickled peppers; and, surprisingly, very salty pickled carrots, all covered with a well-proportioned layer of melted mozzarella. Tas-ty!

I'm not familiar with what constitutes "Philly Style," but those pickled veggies were so good with the meatballs! Piques of crispy freshness where you'd least expect it.

Worth driving across town for? No. But a good option if you're in the neighborhood and tired of the same old same old.

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  1. Hey, great to know! Those pickled carrots sound like a great addition to a meatball sandwich. I've wondered about that place from time to time but never stopped in. Sounds like I should stop next time!


    1. I think Hot City changed ownership a few years ago. A very nice Asian guy seems to run it now. That might explain the pickled carrots. It’s always been a good, dependable neighborhood place, old ownership and new. But you should know it’s not much of a place for eating in, just a few tables. Better for take-out.....

      Uncle Ira