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Jun 13, 2007 02:24 PM

2 new pizza places in the crossroads, KC

Does anyone know about a couple new pizza places moving in at about 18th and baltimore, in the crossroads? one i think is on the southeast corner, and there is a sign announcing the coming of "The Art of Pizza". the other is down the street from Habitat, in the space that used to be Pigeon Boutique (i think also In a Forest). it's going to be called "Pizza Bella" woodfired pizzas. does anyone have any background info on these?

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  1. Pizza Bella is being operated by the 1924 Main/Souperman folks. If that's not enough, I've also heard rumors that some version of Spin Pizza might be opening down there somewhere.

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      wow! talk about diversifying! i feel pretty confident that a pizza place run by the 1924 folks would be pretty good. when you say a version of spin pizza, do you mean "thin, crispy, pizza? or do you mean another Spin Pizza opening downtown? either way that would be good...thanks for the info.

      1. re: mpollmann

        Kind of a long-ish story. The creators of Spin were the same couple from 40 Sardines, Debbie Gold and Michael Smith. After Gold and Smith split up, he moved into the space in the Crossroads formerly occupied by Zin to open a self-named restaurant (I'm not sure if it's open yet).

        The rumors I've heard are that he's looking to open a pizza place in the Crossroads. It might be Spin in form but not in name if there is some sort of legal issue.

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          Actually, Debbie and Michael just consulted on the menu at Spin... at least that was my understanding from the owner of Spin.

          1. re: Katie Nell

            yeah -- I misspoke. They worked on the menu. So it probably won't be Spin in the Crossroads, but a similar menu.

            1. re: heatherkay

              Has anyone tried the Art of Pizza yet? I heard it's open now. Also, any news on Michael Smith's new restaurant in the old Zin place? Heard is should open before First Friday.

              1. re: lwoerther

                We went for lunch on opening day.

                We had cheese and pepperoni slices, both quite different. This is not an artisanal product (aside: anyone know anything about Pizza Specialties in Mission?), but the crusts are hand-tossed and it's certainly an improvement over Sbarro.

                The owner was teaching the help how to make the pies, and as you might expect there was a little variability. My pepperoni slice was too thick and chewy, and a little undercooked; but the cheese slice was crisper around the edges, had a few appealing black, burned spots, and was thinner in the middle as I prefer. The crust had more fat in it and was a little less bready than I would like, but I must be in the minority, as you almost never find a really bready crust.

                The spicing of the sauce was pretty good, though the toppings, cheese, and sauce were of average to slightly above average industrial quality. Mushrooms on the veggie slices appeared to be cannned. I thought it was also a bit overtopped and oversauced and the pepperoni was poor.

                I include all the above as a caveat to those seeking a NY-style grail, but the pizza added up to more than the sum of its parts--I still found it an enjoyable slice. A cheese slice at $1.95 would certainly become a regular part of my rotation if I worked in the area. I tried d'Bronx for the first time last week also, and think I slightly preferred Art of Pizza.

                The owner said he has served the same pizza in two previous locations around town, most recently in the yellow building with Spanish-tile roof just around the corner (100 W. 19th?) and maybe 10 years ago at Jenny's Place in Waldo (where Swizzle now is, I think).

    2. I went to the "Art of Pizza" last week and was totally put off. I wouldn't think that ambience would effect my dining experience very much, but it did. The place is new, but the atmosphere is dirty and unkept looking. I went with a group of friends around 1:00. The place was empty. I looked around and saw the cooks smoking. We ordered pizza that had been sitting out for god knows how long, without a heat lamp on or anything. We order it. The counter person takes the pizza in the back, comes out a few minutes later with a pile of greasy, reheated pizza for me to stare at. The words that came out speaks for itself, " Are you serious!!!???" Oh, well what do you expect for 1.95. Hated it. Can't wait till "Pizza Bella" opens up. I love 1924 and Souperman. Great food, quality food at a modest price. Not cheap food, cheap quality like "Art of Pizza." I know for a fact that SPIN pizza is not, I repeat not coming to the CrossRoads. I'm friendly with the owners, and they told me personally. You can check out "The Art of Pizza" if you have $2 you want to throw away, and don't mind eating greasy cardboard.

      1. Updates?

        Pizza Bella is often recommended. Wondering if anyone likes The Art of Pizza these days.