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Jun 13, 2007 02:05 PM

Mexican Restaurant in Warwick, RI ??

I know this is a long shot but there was this place my brother brought me to years ago in I believe was Warwick...the name I think is Casa Lupita (SP) ??? It was right off of 295 South I believe, Does anyone know if it is still there...If not what has taken its place in and around. I remember it as a HUGE very authentic Mexican Restaurant, Are there any more like this in the nothern RI or MA border area ?

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  1. Casa Lupita died years ago.

    1. Sadly Casa Lupita is no more (they had the greatest commercial jingle, "Save a place for me, Casa Lupita!"). It was always mobbed so I don't know quite what happened, but it's been gone for some time. Great brunch, great fried ice cream :( I think it's a real estate business now, or insurance company or something totally unfun.

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        Yeah Casa Lupita closed around 10 years ago, so sad. When I need to get my Mexican fix I hit up
        A little tacky inside but the food and drink suit me just fine=)

      2. And to answer the rest of the question: there is no authentic Mexican food, beyond small taquerias, in Rhode Island or SE Mass.

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          Though Don Jose's on Atwells Ave is good!

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            Was told about a place in Milford, MA called Acapulco's, heard that is what very good !!

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              Avoid On the Border that is in the mall parking lot across from where Casa Lupita was located.

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              Wait, are Chilangos and Taqueria Lupita "small taquerias?" or inauthentic?

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                authentic, but small taquerias.

            3. Ohhhh, what a memory. Casa Lupita has, as others have said, been closed for a long time. I think there's an insurance agency there now. I lived on Casa Lupita as a high school/college student. Authentic, however, it was not. It was microwaved nachos and fried bits of something or other and frozen margaritas from the machine. But it was gooood in its own way.

              I've found some great Mexican food here in RI thanks to these very discussion threads. Had no idea they existed---I'd often lament that there was no good Mexican in RI, but there really is. I now get Taqueria Lupita regularly and am trying to find time to try the others suggested.

              If you're in the Warwick Mr. Taco any good (not the same as the taquerias, but it has had its ups as well as downs) currently?

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                  Eh, I figured. It was never actually Mexican food, but I had some good meals (and cheap!) there over the years. This would be maybe 15 yrs ago, even more. I used to get this chimichanga w/potatoes and peppers and stuff in it-----just a lot of starchy goodness.

                  Fortunately, there's decent Mexican food in the area now.

              1. I was a Casa Lupita staff member from 1988-1993 when corporate made an ill fated attempt to go "Fresh mex" with Quia's Road House. Despite being on a wait every night, they just did couldn't accept that Rhode Islanders just wanted a great big pile of food for $10.

                mmmmm...Arroz con Pollo with Honey jalepeno sauce
                mmmmm..."extra" fajitas

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                  Mr. Taco should be avoided...