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Jun 13, 2007 01:57 PM

best non-american breakfast

have hounds got suggestions for non-american breakfast and brunch? best places for any kind of non-american breakfast, like taiwanese breakfast (oh how i wish i could get some here in manhattan), huevos rancheros, and other kinds that i am not aware of.

japanese breakfast? ethiopian breakfast? spanish? thai? i don't even know!

downtown would be preferable, but i'd like to hear about places anywhere in the city or outer boroughs.


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  1. Turkish Kitchen, on 3rd Av., b/t 27th 7 28th Sts., has a Sunday brunch buffet. We've had countless lunches and dinners there but have never done the brunch because I detest buffets. However, I'm sure the wide array of Turkish dishes on it are excellent.

    1. You can do dimsum for a brunch at jing fong in chinatown. Basically some waiters wheel around some carts and you get to pick out what you want to eat.

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        Oh yeah you can sit in the bakeries and cantonese eateries and eat cheung fun(white flat noodle) and congee. XO on hester does a variety of cheung funs. I like spare ribs and blackbean sauce on my cheung fun.

        I think pho is also eaten for breakfast in vietnam.

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          mmm yes. i am well acquainted with chinese breakfast, being, well, chinese. i should have mentioned that! thanks for the recs - i like golden unicorn for dim sum. and dim sum go go. i didn't know that pho was eaten for breakfast in vietnam! i'll eat pho any time of day.

      2. Tia Pol has Spanish breakfast.
        It's not bad ... and it's non-American.

        1. Many of the Korean restaurants in Koreatown are 24 hours. You can order seaweed soup, etc. at any hour. Woorijip opens at 9A and has fixins like kim-bop and abalone congee.

          1. Cendrillon - a Filipino restaurant in SoHo. Modern atmosphere and the owners are very gracious. Really nice tea list as well. Granted it's not the most authentic place for Filipino food, but for brunch they have this dish of beef tapa (sliced beef with a somewhat sweet and sour taste) that is served with garlic fried rice and sweet plaintain. Best part is on top of the fried rice is a sunny side up egg. The dish is fantastic. The other brunch items are delicious too but the beef tapa is the best IMO.

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              The above dish is called tapsilog--its name comes from smashing together the names of its main ingredients: tapa (beef tapa), sinangag (delicious garlic fried rice), and itlog (egg) = tap+si+log.
              On the porkier side of things are similar traditional dishes: longsiglog, where longganisa (sweet, fatty, filipino pork sausage) replaces the tapa; and tocilog, where tocino (my personal favorite) is used--tocino is sweet cured pork pieces; it's filipino "bacon" and it rocks my socks.

              Try Grill 21 (on 21st near 1st Ave., which serves these breakfast dishes all day) and Krystal's on 1st Ave or in Queens. Not sure if Pistahan serves breakfast.

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                WOW that sounds so good. i'll definitely try it. yummm.