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Jun 13, 2007 01:40 PM

Cast Iron Frying Pan?

So on the home cooking board, I asked how to make a good steak indoors . It was brought to my attention that I will need a good cast iron frying pan in order to do this.

So where in Toronto do I find one of these? Also how much should I expect to spend? I know that size will make a difference to how much they cost, so if you could also give me some help in how big of one I would need. I don't usually cook for more then 2 people.

I am heading to KW this weekend and spend a lot of time in Niagara so suggestions for where to get them around those places are also welcomed.

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  1. Lodge makes great cast iron here in the states..I am sure you can get it in Canada also...check out their web-site to see where they are sold

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    1. re: nyfoodjoe

      I do know you can buy Lodge at Bass Pro Shops. Other than that, I don't know.

      They're cheap.

      Don't get all caught up in fancy handles and other gimmicks there may be. Just a simple cast iron skillet is all you need (
      My mom gave me hers (Which I think was her mom's) and I told her she'd never get it back.


      1. re: Davwud

        Forgot to add this. We visited the Lodge factory outlet on our last trip down to the in-laws. Factory was closed to tourists though.


      2. re: nyfoodjoe

        I love Lodge (no seasoning needed like with regular cast iron) and it's inexpensive. I'm getting ready to buy their large grill/2 burner one. I'm even used to no soap/no dishwasher now . . .

      3. Good things come and go at Winners. But I bought amazing cast iron pieces at Yonge and College. This was 6 months ago and they have been seasoning perfectly!

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          Possibly "Fortune Housewares" on Spadina but I would call them might also check at a "Home Hardware" store (you'd be surprised at what some of those stores stock)as well..............You must season them first. Lots of information re seasoning on the net. I had another thought ...maybe "Tap Phong" (also on Spadina) or "Nickolau" on Queen Street West near Bathurst Street.

        2. I buy almost all of my cookware at Cayne's which is just East of Steeles, North of Yonge on Doncaster.

          It may not make much price difference in something inexpensive like cast iron pans, but I know I bought my Kitchen-Aid mixer there for about $110 less than I could find it anywhere else. Similarly, my Kitchen-Aid food processor was about $80 cheaper at Cayne's than anywhere else.

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          1. re: Jacquilynne

            Caynes is a good place. I've bought many things there.


            1. re: Davwud

              I second Caynes - and yes they do carry the Lodge 'Logic' pre-seasoned cast iron.... both standard fry pans (less than $30) as well as 'grill pans' with ridges (less than $40).

          2. We've moved a digression on whether you should buy preseasoned cast iron to the Cookware board, at

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              I've seen cast iron in many places in TO. Shouldn't pay more than 40 for a 14 inch, as there's no technology involved. The magic is in the way it's seasoned (combination of baking the pan with oil for a few hours and making sure you cook similar things during the useful life).
              Degrees on Yonge has them, as should any self-respecting kitchen shop. You don't need the high end ones with enamel or teflon, as they tend to wear at the temperatures you'd be searing steak; and handle must be metal, as you want the option of putting it in the oven to finish after the sear.

              1. re: Snarf

                i bought mine at canadian tire when i was a student. i season it regularly and it has lasted 15 years and cooks beautifully. it is completely cast iron, no fancy enamel covering, it is a workhorse in my kitchen.

                1. re: hipfunkyfun

                  Canadian Tire camping section usually has some cast iron. Also Zellers cookware, where it would be hard to spend more than $20 for one.

                  I haven't seen teflon on cast, but it doesn't sound like a good idea. I have tried several times to grill a steak on my Le Creuset ribbed steak grill (it fits over a gas burner) but the heat is not high enough. I think LC says their enamelled cast iron is good to 500F but it never worked for me.

                  1. re: jayt90

                    cast iron is cast em cheap at walmart

                    1. re: jayt90

                      A basic cast iron skillet -- all you need -- will be around $10. Buy it, take it home, season it once and maintain properly and you'll have it forever. Pre-seasoned Lodge is good, but to me the $40 grill pan is as far as you should go. Forget the Cruset and anything aluminum.

              2. For anyone who may still be looking for one, I just found a set of 3 cast iron pans (6.75 inch, 8 inch and 10 inch) all for $14.99 at factory direct.



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                1. re: gravel_grrl

                  for some reason the computer store comes to mind when you say factory direct. For those of us that don't know, can you give us directions?

                  1. re: Suresh

                    It is the same place...Factory Direct sells electronics and housewares