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My Lives at Portos Cuban Bakery

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I am one of the concessions girls for the Silverlake Children's Theatre Group and because were running a show called, Havana, Porto's seemed a logical choice. I hadn't been to the Glendale location since the expansion and now it is truly city sized. I noticed that they even have their own food manufacturing plant as the white chocolate slabs used to add text to a cake, were labelled a Porto's product. It takes a long time to get through to Portos via phone but when I did my order was taken efficiently. We had 6 individual orders over two weekends. The parking was difficult most times. From checking in to receiving pre-ordered products look less than a half hour on the best day and nearly two hours on the worst. Once my order was still not ready, even when I arrived after the scheduled time. Twice my order was not wrapped according to my (quirky albeit clearly delineated) specifications. Considering the amazing volume of business I guess the operation is surprisingly efficient and that staff are pleasant natured.

We ordered feta and tomato and medio noche sandwiches. The feta sandwiches were surprisingly good but the Porto's bread has a dry quality and doesn't blow me away. We also ordered beef, cheese and chorizo empanadas. The beef were quite popular but the word of mouth on the chorizo wasn't good. This is not food I would drive out of my way for but it is inexpensive and good to order in high volume for events and occasions . During my wait I saw many elaborate cakes. These are reasonably priced attractive but commercially produced bake goods and nothing from the bakery I've tried has been even marginally delicious. I bought a showy fruit tart as a birthday surprise and while it had a pornographic presence, the custard tasted like a canned product and the fruit was so unctuous with glaze it passed out of the realm of fresh and into something that should float in jello.

Portos in a phenomena and such a pulsing center of action and energy I can't really fault it but there isn't a food or bakery treat that really calls to me, it's all seems rather work-a-day. I have yet to try the Burbank location. I am told the crowds are far smaller but they have less of a production area and less flexibility with regard to certain food and bakery orders than Glendale.

Glendale Location

315 North Brand Blvd.Glendale, CA 91203 tel. (818) 956-5996

(818) 956-069
Burbank Location

3614 W Magnolia Blvd.Burbank, CA 91505 (818) 846-9100 If you have an embarrassing amount of time to kill

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  1. I respectfully disagree about the pastries, I've had them for years, and still love them. I've had better luck than you getting through on the phone, although I have had to wait to pick up my pre-ordered food. (The order was ready, but there was a small crowd waiting ahead of me.)

    About the parking...I hate the public parking lot that's located directly behind Porto's, I always try to park in the public parking lot on Orange, half a block away. (To relate all things to food, use the parking lot next to Billy's.)