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Jun 13, 2007 01:28 PM

Sushi in Little Tokyo?

Hi there -

Since moving to the westside I have stopped eating sushi because it is soooo expensive over here. I keep thinking that there must be excellent sushi in Little Tokyo for a reasonable price.

Does anyone have any recommendations?

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  1. Sushi Gen for lunch special, but it's really crowded

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    1. a colleague of mine and I recently had lunch at Takumi which is down the street from Sushi Gen, on 2d at the pedastrian mall. it was very good. I had a lunch sushimi don special -- tuna, salmon, and yellowtail in a bowl full of rice, $12.50. good quality fish. very filling.
      then we went down the mall to ce fiore for frozen yogurt .....

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      1. There's a lot of mediocre-to-bad sushi in Little Tokyo (as well as some quite good sushi), and the prices, while lower than the Westside, aren't always all that great. Keep in mind that Little Tokyo is a tourist destination. I'm not sure if the bargain-to-distance ratio would necessarily justify travel from the Westside.

        That said, Hamakawa has always done me right. Really excellent fish every time I've gone, decent prices (though nothing that makes me think I'm commiting robbery), nothing flashy, in a quiet, relaxed, spartan room. It's totally the anti-Geisha House. This seems to be one of the more forgotten places in Little Tokyo, and that's why I like it.

        1. I'm extremely partial to Hama Sushi on 2nd. Great fish, great prices, friendly sushi chefs. I especially like their salmon skin hand roll. You can feast for about $50 for two people. More details here:

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            I second Hama Sushi on 2nd. Great prices, nice chefs, no frills. I always see other regulars when I go there. They do put mayo in their spicy concoctions yet I'm sure you could request no mayo and they'd accommodate. Very accommodating, indeed. If you aren't that big an eater you can get away paying even less than $50 for 2. I suspect our chef may give us a break though.

            I find Sushi Gen vastly overrated with less than good service, too crowded and impersonal. IMHO.

          2. Sakura on Centinella in WLA. Reviewed last week in the LA Times. They didn't rave about it, but gave it solid marks for good sushi and good value.