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Jun 13, 2007 01:24 PM

Where to eat in and around Annapolis

We'll be there Friday and Saturday nights for a lacrosse tournament along w/thousands of our closest friends. We're looking for fun places to go. We'ge got a 13 yr old w/a discerning palate who loves most things, just not steamed crab (though i'm sure we would find something). Any help is appreciated

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  1. A little more guidance please. Upscale? Downtown? How many friends with you? Quick? Slow?

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      There will be 6 of us, 2 families each w/1 child who are adventurous. Not upscale as the boys will have been on the field all day. Everything else is open. Let me know if you need more info. Thanks for your help.

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        If they like sushi, Joss is excellent.

        1. re: dinwiddie

          For good reasonably-priced Thai, try one of the Lemongrasses. The original is on West Street just west of the Loews Hotel, and Lemongrass Too is closer to the Annapolis Mall, in the same shopping center as Best Buys.

          1. re: bordeauxfan

            I agree with the above suggestions, though Joss can be a bit crowded. Lemongrass (original) can be noisy, haven't tried Too. But the food is excellent. There is a Vietnamese place, Saigon Palace, in Edgewater that we enjoy. Don't know if they have their Liquor license yet. If you want to be downtown, Riordan's has good burgers, apps and seafood. I hear Maria's is good for Italian. Pusser's at the Marriott has great views if you sit outside, but I'm not a big fan of their food. Carrol's Creek outside is very nice with good food. The Sly Fox at the Reynold's Tavern is nice in good weather. I've tried to consider kids tired from the lax field in my recommendations. Sans kids, my recommendations might be slightly different, but not much.

    2. Don't forget about Adam's Ribs!

      1. It's been years but I always liked the Griffin's on Parole. Not upscale at all and a little something for everyone. There's one downtown but it's more about the drinking than the chow. Good atmosphere, very affordable. My favorite thing on the menu was always the smokehouse burger which they top with gouda. Enjoy Annapolis!

        1. Ram's Head Tavern and Sly Fox, both downtown, for outdoor snacks and drinking straight from the field. Yellowfin is fun, casual and right on the South River.

          1. A secret of Annapolis is India's, and Indian on West st. that has very good food. Very rarely are there more than 4-5 tables full, but they do a good carry out business. I don't understand how they stay in business, but we really like it.

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              This place is so good! The owner is the sweetest guy ever! Very good lunch buffet, as well. I went there often when I lived there, great bread too. It really is a secret of Annapolis.