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Places that have tortilla makers

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The post on late night eating reminded me that La Cabana has a tortilla maker.

But where else can I go to have the show? Westside would be best, close drive from Westwood still OK (that's why I'd pick La Cabana, but you know, I'd like good food too) .

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  1. Eli Parian on West Pico in east LA, near the 110

    1. Paco's Tacos on Centinela near Washington

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        Also the Paco's Tacos on Manchester & Sepulveda.

      2. My favorite spot on the westside for those delectable hand made tortillas is at "Casablanca" on Lincoln in Venice. Also, there is a woman making hand made tortillas in perfect view at Tijuana on Olympic Blvd. between Bundy & Barrington in WLA.

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        1. re: foodhappy

          Casablanca is definitely Great!!! I just love fresh tortillas!!!!

        2. These places use fresh homemade tortillas... and are 100%+ better than La Cabana

          Here you go...

          * Tacomiendo in Culver City


          * Sabor a Mexico in near Culver City


          * Taqueria La Fogata on Central


          * Taco Table of 4th St.

          The THE BEST!!!!

          * Luz del Dia on Olvera Street



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          1. re: Dommy

            well, these all sound great

            Thanks everybody and specially thanks for giving me better than La Cabana.

            1. re: Scotty

              Poquito Mas on Westwood at Olympic makes them right behind glass at the front counter.

          2. Paco's Tacos In Westchester (LAX Area) On Manchester east of

            1. LA Parilla in ELA