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Freezer burn - can beef recover?

Hamburger patties freezer-burnt to a crisp! Any hope or suggestions on how to recuperate it?

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  1. No hope...the whole molecular make-up of the meat changes once the freezer burn sets in...it is an altered product from the time it was frozen until now

    1. You could do something like chili with it with heavy seasonings so the beef is really more a texture than a distinct flavor

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        A chili must derive it depth of flavor not only from seasonings, but from the meat itself...IMO that is why ground turkey is inferior as a base for chili..it will be chili..but minus a lot of flavor

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          That is true, but wasting it is kind of sad and some beef stock could be added to the chili.

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            You are right...it comes down to how much it pisses you off to throw away the product and how much you are willing to compromise on a dish...

      2. I wouldnt use it, throw it out.. It is cheap to replace.

        1. I would throw it out. Hate when that happens. Suggestion for future burgers- make the burger patties, and wrap each individually in Stretch Tite plastic wrap, then put the burgers in to a zip lock bage. I do this with all of my meats now- each serviing is individually wrapped, and never have this problem any more.

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            Got it - thanks. We'll be starting from scratch tonight then!

          2. I'm cheap, so I'd use it. Probably something like sloppy Joes. Or if they were REALLY freezer burned, I'd cook 'em up and give 'em to the dog...he's not too picky.

            1. Freezer burn is not just an aesthetic inconvenience. There have been major changes and deterioration to the meat.

              I would throw it out. The lesson to be learned from this, which will save you money in the long run, is to wrap carefully and properly for freezing, and use within the time allowed.

              I wouldn't keep anything in a refrigerator's freezer compartment for more than 3 months.

              A deep freeze can store 4-6-12 months, depending on the product.

                1. sorry to agree with most but those puppies are history. if you truly like to buy/make/freeze burgers buy yourself a seal-a-meal. they are great. jfood found a frozen burger in the back of the freezer this weekend when he got caught up in conversation with mrs jfood and over-cooked the salmon a little (please read that ruined). the date on the bag was July 23. That's in 11 months ago. the burger had absolutely NO freezer burn.

                  in the three years jfood has owned this little gadget, he has created numerous meals for the little jfoods when they get home late from studying or work. they walk in, go to the fridge and 25 minutes later thay are sitting down to a meal of choice.