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Jun 13, 2007 12:49 PM

Tampa Airport/Brandon food

I'm traveling to Brandon, FL next week for business and will be staying west of Tampa, near the airport.

I'm looking for fun lunch places in Brandon, near Providence Road, and dinner recommendations either in Tampa, West Tampa, or Brandon.

I'm traveling with my boss who probably won't want to spend more than $30-$35 on each of us for dinner (and who doesn't drink at all). Any suggestions? She tends to be happy with chains, while I like to try new things. We'll be in town for 3 days, and two nights. All recommendations are welcome!

I have a feeling we'll end up at Bonefish one night, since it's right on our way to the office we're working at, but I'd love to try some local places for lunch and possibly the other night we have for dinner. Thanks!

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  1. Right across from the airport are Roy's , Flemings, and Lee Roy Selmons. All are chains, but small ones that are really excellent.

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      Boizao's across the way too - If your boss can kick a few dollars more, that one should be okay.

    2. If you like BBQ, try First Choice in Brandon. Very good que.


      1. 3 Lunches in Brandon area:
        1. Jasmine Thai is right in the same plaza as Bonefish, and they offer a great lunch special: you get a sprig role, soup and your entre from 6.95-8.95 (Maybe you can get your boss to go there instead of bonefish for dinner).
        2. Shells: Franchise but this is a great location. Some other foodies have disagreed with me, but I really enjoy this for a cheaper end lunch. I am from New England and love their clam chowder. My favorite is their Shrimp Mezzo Mezzo. Plus no has realized they are open for lunch so it is not crowded and easy in and out.
        115 EAST BRANDON BLVD.
        BRANDON, FL 33511
        Phone: 813-684-4190

        3. La Cubanita one of two locations. Great cuban, cafeteria style, choise of entree and two sides for 6.95-8.95. It is clean, and they just did face lift.
        723 W Lumsden Rd
        Brandon, FL
        Phone: (813) 661-2253

        1. Mojito's Grill - You can get out of there under $35 pp, if you go with the Tapas you can both try a few different items. You can even get a glass of Sangria $7.
        6108 Winthrop Towne Centre Ave
        Brandon, FL 33569

        2. Fuego - Brazilian Steakhouse (Churrascaria) for $25 pp you get unlimited salad bar, unlimited side dishes, unlimited meat carved tableside, and dessert.
        1721 West Brandon Boulevard

        If you want more let me know.

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            Hi Thanks a lot for all your suggestions , can you also recommend some good pizza places and some more good restraunts like cuban near brandon area I am near MLK.I have also heard a lot abot Dael Mabro is any one aware of some good places there

            1. re: soniamig

              I would suggest Arco Iris which is east of Dale Mabry on Columbus. Excellent cuban food.


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                Often overlooked, I think Don Pan has real good Cubans . . . and good pastries.


            2. Since you will be staying near the airport, do not miss going to Lee Roy Selmon's, which is very nearby. Nice sports bar is included, price is right and the food is always wonderful. You and your boss will love it and it is purely local.

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                I'm actually really surprised this restaurant keeps being recommended. I looked at their online menu and it looks to me like it's a lot of fatty, fried food and bbq. Is it really very good?

                1. re: crystalginger

                  Yeah, it's great! it's not lowfat but certainly a yummy calorie splurge. We like to sit in the nice cool dark bar area. They have Blue Moon on tap ; )
                  Ribs and chicken are good. Cheese grits are to die for. Good greens, baked beans, cole slaw, fried green tomatoes, caesar salad and iced tea. My husband loves the bleu cheese burger with onion straws on it. Those are the items we have tried and liked. Only one thing fried that we have tried but certainly nothing lowfat there.

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                    I think it's horribly underrated. the pork nachos and pork quesadillas are my favorite...and i'm not a nacho and quesadillas kind of girl. The sides are amazing, and so is the chocolate cake!

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                      You didn't say anything about wanting a health food place. Lee Roy Selmon's is NOT one. But, as virtually everyone says, the place is awesome.

                  2. The original comment has been removed