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Jun 13, 2007 12:45 PM

David Burke's Primehouse?

Anyone visited lately?

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  1. I highly recommend David Burke's. The service was impeccable (although we were there early in the evening). The scene is warm and luxurious while still friendly. The food was all delicious, with some items impressing me more than others. The Kobe beef appetizer was a little tougher than expected. The table-side Caesar salad was delicious, as was the dry-aged ribeye. They also offer special aged steaks not on the menus - They had one 48 days old when we were there. The dessert impressed me beyond words. It was a pear baked in puff pastry, with a scoop of home-made ice cream on top, and topped with a mini creme brulee. Absolutely out of this world. The tab was about $250 for two, including tip, no alcohol.

    1. I was there last weekend, and it was very good, not exceptional. We had the Caesar Salad to start, which was very good. Enjoyed the tableside presentation and the ability to customize the toppings a little bit. Also had the Lobster Bisque which was very good, not too heavy. For entrees we had the 40-day ribeye, they also had a 55-day on the specials menu. It was very good, a tiny bit overcooked, medium as opposed to medium rare. A few sides, spinach (good), mushrooms (ok), hashbrowns (also ok). We never got the steak sauces, which i would have liked to have at least tasted. Of course, we didn't realize it until the end. The cheesecake lollipops were great for dessert, the doughnuts were less good but sounded great.
      Ended up at ~$150pp with wine and everything. Generally I'd rather go elsewhere than a steakhouse for that kind of money, but it was worth the experience, although I doubt i'd be back.

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        Thank you both; I'll be staying at the James and thought it might be worth a try. Lots of others that seem to be a better choice.