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Jun 13, 2007 12:26 PM

DC hound dining in Bmore...

any suggestions for a hip place with good food in baltimore? i am pretty familiar with the area, but dont eat there quite as much as i used to. I have seen the names Salt, Black Olive and Chameleon Cafe on the board but dont know much about them. thanks!!

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  1. I have been to Chameleon Cafe quite a few times now, and have never been disappointed. Also, and you can quote me on this, The best crabcake is less then a block away at KoKo's Pub. Anymore details on what your looking for??

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      just a cool vibe with good food, my wife thinks baltimore is lacking with good new restaraunts, so something to help proove her wrong would be great :)

      1. re: elegantelliot

        I would try IXIA (, also 'Charleston' would be a great idea. Let me know how it goes.

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          i have been to ixia and was underwhelmed, but it was a while ago. and i think Charleston is a little more than i am going for. thanks for all of the replies though!!

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            Underwhelmed with Ixia... hmm then I am drawing a blank because as far as hip goes I love that place, but I am a little younger and enjoy the martini list as much as the food, even though I thought the food was great the couple times I have gone. I read an article in the Baltimore magazine of a good new restaurants recently, but I don't remember which ones, but they might have the article online. I don't get up there as much as I used too.

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              been to ixia... the bar is fabulous if not pricey. the food sounds great on paper but lacks execution. could be a download from the net....

      1. A couple of places immediately come to mind. The Brewer's Art in Mount Vernon to start. There is a bar downstairs--very bohemian, low lit, with tables and booths situated in corners. Definitely go for one of their home brews, like the resurrection or ozzy, and grab the rosemary garlic fries. You can still eat upstairs in the lounge area. More formal dining area is also available with more upscale food. But, if you eat in the bar (downstairs or upstairs) you can order off the bar menu and the dining menu.

        Also, check out Pazo; it's mostly tapas but they recently changed their menu to include entree portions and other items. Again, you can eat in the bar area (nice granite countertop) or the dining section. They play music and late at night they even have a DJ. It's usually very busy and may be difficult to get a reservation.

        For seafood, checkout Momma's on the Half Shell. It's not really hip--well, it depends on your definition of hip. It's been around a while, and it's more of a bar than restaurant, but the upstairs serves as its dining section, and their seafood is perhaps the best in the city.

        I haven't been to Black Olive or Chameleon Cafe, but I've been to Salt quite a few times, although not recently. It's quite small, only seats about 20, and then the bar maybe seats another 20. They don't take reservations, but it's fairly cool and I think the food is good, too. The duck fat french fries are great, and, if it's still on the menu, definitely get the foie gras burger--little slice of heavenly foie gras on top of a piece of kobe beef on a seared bun. How could you go wrong?


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          i appreciate your suggestions, but i have been to Pazo, Mamas on the half, and Brewers Art. I was looking for some newer places that may have popped up in the past couple of years.

          1. re: elegantelliot

            If you're looking for new/interesting, the two places to go are Jack's Bistro in Canton ( or Rocket to Venus in Hampden ( No particular theme here, but imaginative, well-prepared food and interesting surroundings, open late.

            1. re: lawhound

              I second Jack's. I agree completely about the food being imaginative and well-prepared, and I'd like to add that the service is excellent, very knowledgeable and friendly.

              Have you been to Jack's since they revamped their menu? I called earlier this week asking which region the June tasting menu focuses on. I was told that instead of having a region this month, they are unveiling their new summer menu. I'm having dinner there tomorrow night, but I'm dying of curiosity in the mean time.

            2. re: elegantelliot

              If you're coming in the next two weeks, you might try Saffron. It's one of Baltimore's best IMO, but chef Edward Kim is leaving at the end of June.

            3. The Black Olive gets varied reviews on the boards but I have had only enjoyable experiences..its a bit pricey, but the food is well prepared.....

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                I think most of the varied reviews are not for the food, but for the sloppy and intattentive service.

              2. crabcakes at michael's steak and lobster house are the best on the entire east side of baltimore city-county...
                elegant elliott...that was the name of a guy that used to be on the howard Stern show a that where you came up with the name???

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                  I think Michael's is anything but hip, though.