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Nov 8, 2005 05:35 PM

After-opera eats

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I am going to the opera this Friday and had full intentions of going to Zuni afterwards for some late nibbles...until my husband told me the opera is 3 1/2 HOURS LONG.

So that rules that out. Anybody know a tapas joint (or place with good apps) serving past midnight near the opera (Van Ness near the "civic center plaza")?

Conversely, we're staying near Mission Dolores, and I'd be game for tapas near there if it's not too shady. Any recs?


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  1. b
    Bruce in SLO

    Ramblas Tapas Bar at 557 Valencia about 17th street
    has terrific tapas and Sangria.
    Open Friday and Saturday until 1 am.
    Do a Chowhound search for it.

    1. Absinthe on Hayes @ Gough serves their full menu until midnight and their bar menu (sandwiches, small plates) until 2am.


      1. Zuni should still be open (I've gone there after the opera) although Absinthe is a fine closer choice.

        Mission Dolores isn't a shady neighborhood until you get close to Mission Street.

        Sushi Delight on Market and Dolores serves until around 1.

        1. t
          The Scribbler

          This isn't tapas, but Oola is open late on weekends (serving until 1 AM). At that time of night, you'd need to take a cab, but it's fairly close to the opera (~5-10 min by cab). And enjoy La Forza, the singing is really spectacular.