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la petite patisserie on King East

Had to mention this newly opened Patisserie on King East (just east of Sherbourne on the south side - in the same building as Subway). I just sampled their chocolate eclair and was very impressed. It's reminiscent of the type that you'll find at Le Duc de Lorraine in Montreal.

I've haven't had a chance to try anything else, but if the eclair is any indication of quality, I'm sure that I'll be suitably impressed. They have a nice array of pastries and the service was great.

If you're in the 'hood, I suggest that you check it out.

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  1. I've been waiting for that to open. Thanks!

    1. OOH! Please tell me the eclair was filled with luscious, not-too-sweet, freshly whipped cream rather than custard.

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        It was filled with a chocolate whipped cream. Really very good.

      2. I sampled a lemon croissant this morning on my way to work - delicious!

        1. Had a lemon tart and a croissant a few days back, when we heard it was finally open - one of the best croissants I've had outside of France.

          1. I tried both the eclair and the lemon croissant today. Meh. Just meh.

            1. This is fantastic. I live across the street and have been waiting for it to open - I saw people outside on their "patio" today and was happy to see it was open. I will sample and report back. Thanks for the posts - I am stoked!!! With a sweet tooth like mine this could mean trouble.

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                If it was hubby & I you spied on their patio I can tell you what we were thinking. We were thinking 'Gee we shoulda gone to Zoulpy's'.

              2. Okay, I'm reanimating this old thread because, after less than a month, this place seems to be closed already. I walked past on the weekend and noticed that the big main refrigerator display case was gone. Walked by again yesterday and pretty much everything seemed to be cleared out except a few boxes and some trash. There are no signs on the window of any sort.

                Anyone know the story on this? Are they doing some sort of mass reno or are they truly closed? How could such an elaborate business fail in just weeks... very odd and puzzling.

                I never even got a chance to stop in and try it!

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                  That's odd - especially since when I do a Google search for "petite patisserie king toronto", the first two links that come up are the following job ads, posted to the NOW classifieds two days ago:


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                    Their wares were just barely above doughnut shop. Not to mention small portions with full-sized prices. They were probably getting their butts kicked by FourBucks and the SL Market.

                    1. re: Googs

                      Just passed by again. Totally empty save for a broom and dustpan.

                      The reviews of their food on here seemed a bit mixed, but surely three weeks is not nearly enough time to build up a regular customer base, earn a word-of-mouth reputation, pay down startup costs, etc. and even begin to figure out if the business was viable or not.

                      With gregclow pointing out that they posted a help-wanted ad only a few days ago, I'm wondering if they are moving to somewhere else in the area. A simple scotch-taped notice in the window would do wonders, wouldn't it. Oh, well.

                    2. re: Gary

                      I stopped by last Tuesday because I needed to pick up a dessert en route to a dinner party. They were closed by the time I arrived, but since it was already 5:30pm, I only assumed that they had called it a day a little bit early to enjoy a summer evening (it was a lovely day, after all, and their sign said they normally close at 6pm).
                      There wasn't anything to indicate they'd vacated the premises. Business is tough in the market area, but this is the quickest turnover I've seen in ages. :(

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                        There are rumours the staff got stiffed. Looks like they ran out of money real fast.

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                          Edith S - are you the Edith of King's Court fame? If so you are my next door neighbour :)