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Jun 13, 2007 11:00 AM

Banh xeo (Vietnamese okonomiyaki)

I was watching a Japanese cooking show recently & they were having a "competition" between Korean & Vietnamese okonomiyaki...I remember them mentioning Banh Xeo, but don't remember the term for the Korean version.

I loved the Japanese okonomiyaki at Gaja in there anywhere in the LA area where I could try Banh Xeo?

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  1. The banh xeo at Brodard is exemplary. Other places make it, but I haven't had one yet that beats Brodard's.

    Brodard (original location)
    9892 Westminster Ave
    Westminster, CA
    Closed Tuesdays

    It's hard to find - it's tucked behind the 99 Cent Only store on the corner of Brookhurst & Westminster. Enter the strip mall parking lot from the Brookhurst side.

    1. i saw that show! it was for which food made you more beautiful--korean or vietnamese (odd considering japan's history). and some of the judges were from a transvestite boy band. wonderful. sadly i think it must have been cancelled, my tivo keeps coming up with something else that isn't subtitled.

      i had a very good banh xeo this weekend at Bodhi Tree in Huntington Beach. certainly the bright spot in a fairly blah meal (they do meat analogs with tofu and wheat gluten).

        1. The "goto" place for Banh Xeo in Little Saigon is Van Restaurant. Personally, I don't like this place much because it always seems so dirty. It's very large inside, but I have never seen them sweep the floors during the day, so it gets really messy. Having said that, the banh xeo here are most excellent! Very large, hot and super crispy. It's within walking distance of the Brodard mentioned by Prof. Salt. I also like Brodard as it is a cleaner restaraunt, plus you can get the nem nuong cuon at Brodard, which are fabulous.

          They also sell a bunch of wrapped goodies to go here, little steamed cakes for $1 each (or 6 for $5). It's south of the Westminster/Brookhurst intersection, close to Brookhurst and Reading.

          Van Restaurant
          14122 Brookhurst St
          Garden Grove, CA 92843-4600

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            True. Van Restaurant is usually the benchmark banh xeo place. I've been there a few dzn times myself, but I don't like banh xeo that much. Parents/relatives do though, and that's where they go (when they don't make it themselves)