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Jun 13, 2007 10:51 AM

Best Kosher Pastrami

What are the opinions on Kosher deli in NYC? With 2 Avenue Deli, a"h, with unsure reopening status, what are recommendations for top quality kosher deli meats in the NYC area?

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    1. re: MartyB

      Mr. Broadway? You've got to be joking. Maybe 15 years ago.

      ESSEX ON CONEY wins hands down. ( Branches by Wall St. & in Flatbush. Second is probably the Mendy's in Grand Central.

    2. With regard to Second Avenue Deli, according to the person who answered the phone, look for a post-summer opening..probably after the Jewish holidays. Then, the question of best pastrami will be moot, because our beloved Second Avenue Deli--or "The Two" as my family refers to it--will be back, albeit on Third.

      1. My favorite during my more recent trips has been Ben's Deli.

        "Best" is very subjective, but I enjoy their sandwiches and love their Pastrami. All of my guests have enjoyed their food as well, so that should be worth something!