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Jun 13, 2007 10:37 AM

TAPAS in Queens

Has anyone found a decent Tapas restaurant in Queens. There are a few I tried who advertised Tapas but it was merely what they called their appetizers. Turned out to be faux tapas.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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  1. try jardi on northern blvd between 86th and 87th streets. the menu is all tapas, both cold and hot. they get all of their provisions from d'espana importers, which is virtually next door. a fair number of wines by the glass (ok, nothing overwhelming) and beer. each tapa is perhaps a little more than it should be (both in terms of price and amount of food--which limits the number of different things one can order), but on the whole i quite liked the place and would go back again for a drink and some serrano ham or other spanish treat...

    1. i adore El Boqueron in Astoria- great tapas and great sangria-- and great strawberry dessert (you have to ask for it). It's located on 31st street and 34th avenue.