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Jun 13, 2007 10:36 AM

Need a recommendation for a great dinner downtown for a group of 10

We are visiting Chicago from Phoenix the week of July 4th. We have been looking forward to going to Frontera Grill for 3 years, only to find out they will be closed on July 3rd. We will be spending the afternoon at the Field Museum (and will have eaten lunch at the Taste already), and I am so disappointed that I can't even think of where else we can go for dinner. I am looking for good food, but a place that will be ok for a large group including older children. No pizza places please.

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  1. I'd recommend Cafe Iberico, a tapas place at Chicago and LaSalle. Cheap and good, with an expansive menu. They don't normally take reservations, but for a group of 10, they will.

    I know many people on this board don't like the place, but I think it's terrific. It's noisy and kid-friendly, and the menu is so extensive, there's something for everyone.

    We had a pre-wedding party for 20 there a few years back, and everyone had a great time. Tapas is MADE for big groups.

    1. I always recommend Carnivale for crowds. Its a fun place, good for loud groups.

      Another perennial favorite for crowds would be one of the greek restaurants in Greektown -

      If you're in Grant Park after taste, its about a 5 minute cab ride to either one.

      BTW, I go to Phoenix every year and love the food. Richardsons, Roaring Fork, Cowboye Ciao, etc. You don't find good SW food like that up here.

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        I've always wondered about that. With the Austin obsession around here, why is there no decent tex-mex? I go to Austin from time to time, and you can walk into just about any dump on the main drags and get food we'd kill for here. For $8.

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          Next time you are in town you will have to try Kai at Wild Horse Pass. Truly an amazing experience.

        2. If you want high end Mexican and since you can't get into Frontera, I would suggest Salicpion. Almost as good!

          1. I'm going to throw in De La Costa in the River East arts building. First off, they have great Latin/Carribean food. They run in-season specials, great selection of entrees, IMO the best ceviche in the city, tapas. Atmosphere is trendy and very upbeat, yet you get can seated at an intimate round-booth or toward the back by the river. Service is great too. It's one of my favorite Latin restaurants in the city.

            For groups: Hubby and I took a group of 8 there for dinner about two months ago. Ordered a variety of ceviche plus some regular apps, sparkling sangria. Halibut that night was the special and it was done perfectly.

            And I had my one year old in a stoller next to the table and there was a 15-year-old in our group as well. Not your typical kid-friendly restaurant - but the teenager was very impressed with the whole experience.

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              Thank you! I think we might check this place out, we have not had any latin style for many years.