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Jun 13, 2007 10:29 AM

Nunan's lobster hut question

What's on the menu here besides lobster? Is there other types of seafood (non-shellfish) or non-seafood choices? Going up in a couple of weeks and just wondering what the options are so everyone in the group will be satisfied.

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  1. Burgers...Nothing substantial. Go elsewhere if not interested in lobster. Also, call ahead if you want any lobster larger than 1 1/s lbs.

    1. Lobster, lobster and steamed clams. We used to like this place but two years ago they served us seriously uncooked steamed clams which we sent back and got another bad bunch.There are a lot better places to eat lobster in that area.

      1. Every year on our vacation in Maine we have eaten at least twice a week at Nunan's. This year we went once and the wait staff was so rude we decided it wasn't worth eating there because of the horrible service. When you get there you have to wait in line which is fine but my six year old daughter who was tired of standing sat on the front step. When the woman went to open the door she said "I could let everyone in if you'd get off the step." How about an "Excuse me-could you please stand up so I can open the door?" Then our waitress clearly seemed to dislike her job-heavily sighing as she took our order or answered our questions-just the whole tone of the night was very disappointing. The lobster was as always very good but really-it's Maine-we can find lobster somewhere else and at least give our business to someone who appreciates their customers.