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Jun 13, 2007 10:09 AM

What to serve with lobster?

I always get stuck on this one, so I thought I'd ask my fellow chowhounds... Which side dishes compliment fresh, cooked lobster with butter? I'm open to anything, but I'm ultimately looking for less starchy dishes as my guests are low carbers. Thanks.

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  1. Cole Slaw and maybe some fresh Steamers...from a New Englander.. and maybe some corn on the cob

    1. Drat, Jimbo stole my coleslaw answer! Hee hee! You might also consider a broccoli salad. The corn is a natural with lobster but I believe it is quite high in carbs.

      1. melted butter, lemons, a fork and a nutcracker or some pliers

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            Ditto. In New England, you might precede it with steamers. When I serve corn on the cob, I serve it as a separate course. That way it's hot and people aren't trying to wrestle with two hand-held foods at once, both of which get cold. Beer. Or, as ccbweb suggests, champagne. At this time of year, you can strawberry shortcake for dessert.

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              I also keep thinking about everyone's suggestions of corn - also a good one, even though it is high in carbs. I was thinking about going hog-wild and doing blinis with smoked salmon - possibly caviar and creme fraiche as apps (going to European grocery store Yummy Market on Dufferin for the first time to check out their Wall of Smoked Fish - yup, pretty excited). If anyone has any comments on the blini idea (yay or nay) would welcome them. Was thinking about doing the chocolate mousse suggestion for dessert, but love the strawberry shortcake idea. Decisions, decisions... Thanks all.

          2. Personally...champagne. And then chocolate mousse for dessert. Lobster is one of those things that I think stands alone so well. But, if you're trying to build a meal, I'd suggest corn on the cob just like Jim (although if they're doing a South Beach sort of diet, that won't work), or if you can find some really nice grean beans, perhaps a green bean and tomato salad.

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              I agree that lobster stands alone well. I do like rice pilaf but it has lots of carbs. Salad as a first course is good. Coleslaw too.

            2. i know this sounds weird, but i'd serve nothing with it. no matter what I've served, fries, corn, one takes but a few bites. i might serve some stuffies first though. or some chowda or steamers...... and then something with berries for dessert.