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Jun 13, 2007 10:01 AM

Nebraska Panhandle Ideas?

In a few months we'll be visiting family in the area--first time in over a decade. A search of the Midwest board comes up pretty sparse about chow in the Panhandle. Of course, that's probably because the Panhandle itself is pretty sparse! So, not that I expect too much here, but...

Any ideas or reports on cheap eats, road-food, bakeries, take-out, or other potentially interesting chow spots in western Nebraska--especially in the areas of Kimball, Gering, and/or Scottsbluff?

I'll be certain to report back anything of interest.

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  1. There is Ole's Big Game Tavern in Paxton, which is I guess a bit east of the Panhandle. I haven't been there for a long time, but it was a hoot. Lots of taxidermy!

    1. Agree with the Ole's recommendation.

      You don't have a whoel lot of choice in most locations of Western Nebraska as the towns have only a few restaurants. However, the locals are generally happy to tell you the best options. Rarely have we had a bad meal.

      1. Thanks for the Ole's recommendation. We probably won't get as far east as Paxton, but I always make a note of anything in the "general vicinity" because you never know exactly where you'll end up.

        I've been trying to do a thorough search of the Midwest board for anything in the Nebraska Panhandle or along the I-80 corridor. Ole's gets mentioned a lot.

        I did find a trip report that discussed the Whiskey Creek Steakhouse & the Emporium Cafe, both in Scottsbluff. I'll keep searching; & any other ideas will be welcome.

        1. I highly recommend Junie Mae's near Ogallala/Lake McConaughy. OK, it's technically not the panhandle, but there so few opportunities to recommend places in western Nebraska, and what's a few hours drive for great food!

          I know Scottsbluff has great Mexican food--there used to be a place with great green chile near the airport--but I've been away from the area too long to remember specific restaurants. Surely someone in the area can point you to a good Mexican place.

          FYI, I used to LOVE Ole's, but my experience (albeit very limited lately) is that it isn't as good as it used to be. I liked how it used to feel like a bar with fabulous steak and prime rib. It seems like it cleaned up to appeal to more to families and the food isn't to die for like I remember it. Maybe I'm just old and nostalgic.

          Junie Mae's Roadhouse Barbeque
          Keystone, NE, USA, Keystone, NE