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Jun 13, 2007 09:18 AM

PDX: Best brewpub food?

We'll be visiting Portland for a few days next month and will be trying to hit as many brewpubs/microbreweries as possible. We'll also be spending a couple nights on Mt. Hood, and a couple night in McMinnville.

Which brewpubs offer the best food? We'll definitely be hitting many of them for their beer, but it would be nice to plan it out so that we're hitting the ones with the best kitchens during mealtimes.

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  1. Brewpubs & best kitchens? That's a hard one you know, the pride is in the beers.

    You'll have to do the Horse Brass Pub in SE Portland, they have the best fish & chips I've had in this town, not chips but fish, cold & rainy days I'm a fan of their pot pies as well.

    Double Mountain Brewery in Hood River has a really, really good pizza.

    Laurelwood Brewery in Portland has a really good burger.

    Those are the only ones I can think of where I know I will order food with my beers.

    kim @ apizza scholls

    1. In Portland, Portland Brewing in NW has a nice menu as does Widmer down on NE Russell. The other alternative is to go to Higgins which has better food and a gigantic bottled and draft beer selection.

      The Mt. Hood Brewery in Government Camp doesn't have the best food in the world, but it's among the best on the mountain, which isn't saying much. I do like their beer though.

      In McMinnville there's Golden Valley, which I haven't tried, but their beer and wine is very well regarded.

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        ooh, yeah, widmere. i 2nd that! they were one of the original micro brews here, too.

        bridgeport brewing in NW used to have GREAT pizza, but i think they've changed their menu.

        they don't brew there, but their Hawthorne street pub on SE Hawthorne has AWESOME burgers along with the other food they serve.

        1. re: kristenmarthabrown

          Bridgeport on Hawthorne used to have a pretty great menu, though recent visits have been disappointing.

      2. Agree that Laurelwood has decent food. Also try Broadway Grill on NE Broadway. Only go to Horse Brass if you don't mind an environment that is covered in layers of stale smoke and ash.

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          I've been pretty severely disappointed in Laurelwood's food. The last time we went there I ordered fish and chips, which you would think would be a pretty safe bet at a brewpub. But the breading on the fish was thick and gummy--it was kind of like fish in beer dough.

        2. Rogue River Brewery on 13th and NW Flanders

          If you're going out to Troutdale there is a brewpub/beer making/ultimate frissbe shop next to the Train Museum. (Can never remeber the name).