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Jun 13, 2007 09:14 AM

Basil T's brew pub in Toms River, NJ?

How is it? What kind of food do they have? Their own beers? Is the atmosphere fun, dive-y, family, what? Any info would be helpful. Thanks.

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  1. The original is in Red Bank and is good but way way overpriced. pizzas are very good and its one of those places that just tries too hard.

    decent atmosphere and the brews are okay at best, nothing out of the ordinary and highest prices for brewery beers that Ive ever seen.

    in the long run, worth giving a try but dont expect too too much.

    1. Assuming it is basically the same as the Basil T's in Red Bank I agree with yankeefan's reply concerning the pricing. The food is basic Italian, nothing to write home about. They have maybe 4/5 brews, again nothing to write home - the Rocket Red Ale is the best of the lot in my opinion. The atmosphere is nice. Early evening brings in families.

      Based on what I know about the Toms River area (lack of non-chain places) I would say Basil T's will be successful.

      1. The two "Basil T's" are under different ownership, so it's unfair to judge the food or the beer at one by one's experience at the other (*why* one of 'em doesn't change their name is beyond me- it's not like they've got some great reputation).

        Both serve Italian food- Red Bank strives for upscale (along with the accompanying snooty attitude by the help) and Toms River always strikes me as being "chain-like" (in other words, both sort of fit in with their surroundings).

        Last I heard, the owner/brewer of Climax is brewing the beer for BT's-Toms River- have always liked all the Climax beers I've had but haven't been to the Basil T's since he's been brewing. One would hope he's improved them (previously they were typical "dumbed down" brewpub beers where the color seemed to be the main difference between 'em).

        1. toms river basil t's is an absoute rip-off! ive given it about 3 or 4 chances and it keeps getting worse. last time broke the camel's back...$13 for a plate of arugula, half a dried fig, one slice of prosciutto and an eyedropper of evoo.

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            I have to agree with ocdiner on that one too. I used to dine quite regularly at the TR Basil T's and have noticed that the food has gone down hill. During my last visit about a year back the food and service was so bad, I vowed never to return. To date I've kept my promise. N.B. - Several years back, while in its prime, I found the TR location to be much better than the unaffiliated Red Bank outpost.