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Jun 13, 2007 08:02 AM

Looking for goat meat in MSP

My father has made a request for goat meat this Father's Day. I have seen goat advertised at random Halal butcher stores, but does anyone know of a really good one in particular in the Twin Cities? I would also appreciated any ideas for recipes. He has fond memories of young roasted goat in Germany, called "kitzel."


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  1. I'd suggest Holy Land on Central and Lowry in NE Mpls. They've got a full-service butcher on-site who cuts a mean goat.

    1. I have to second Holy Land. Since it doesn't appear Halal is necessary, there is a carniceria on Central and, like, 20th that has leg, half, and whole goat I believe. They have leg in the freezers in Crescent Moon on 22nd and Central as well.

      1. I third Holy Land. Every time I have been there, the meat guy has been doing a very brisk business, which I think would translate into a fresher product for you.

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          thanks everyone. Holy Land it is. My mom stopped by yesterday and had a wonderful experience there. We will be picking up a quarter of a young goat on Friday.

        2. For those on the east side of the river, El Burrito Mercado sells goat, as well.

          1. There's also a meat vendor at the Mill City Farmer's Market -- Azariah Acres Farms ( who sells goat meat.