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Jun 13, 2007 08:01 AM


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  1. Me either! I saw the previews for it (embarrassingly enough when I went to see Shrek) and I'm so excited for it!

    1. Me too! Looks like it will be great fun.

      1. I too am excited about it. I saw the 9-minute trailer on Apple's website. The soup making sequence was wonderful!

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          1. When my husband said he wanted to see it I thought he was joking. Then I saw the trailer and I am fully on board. Looks like a fun flick.

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            1. re: stolenchange

              how funny - my husband just said to me this morning...."do you think we could go see this movie?" My reply, "heck yeah, thought you'd never ask!" I really couldn't believe he had a genuine interest...thought I was the only one......and then I saw this thread and realized, we are not alone! Enjoy, everyone!

              1. re: THenderson

                My almost-5-year-old keeps trying to get me to have a Dora the Explorer birthday party (bday in about a month), since that's the only "girl" theme he knows. I jokingly asked DH if I could have a Ratatouille theme party (yes, the paper plates are already on the market), and he seriously replied, "You could do that." Then he added, "You just want an excuse to have stinky cheese." ;-)

                1. re: THenderson

                  My husband is also wanting to see it. After catching the 7 min animation on cable and remembering the preview before "Cars", he wants to see an animated movie. Who'd a thunk it?
                  This review says its one of the few movies out there that is worth the price of admission.

                  Now to choose a restaurant worthy of the movie. We are so far from French Laundry type food .....

                  1. re: shallots

                    Rave review from the Boston Globe as well.

           I'm hoping to see it with a friend within a few weeks.