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Jun 13, 2007 07:45 AM

Lu Din Gee Restaurant, San Gabriel

We will be going to Lu Din Gee for lunch on Friday to have the Roast Peking Duck as well as other items. Any recs? Things to stay away from? TIA!

Lu Din Gee Restaurant
1039 E. Valley Blvd, B102
San Gabriel, CA 91776

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  1. You can also have the duck two or three ways. In addtion to the peking duck, they do a duck soup, and duck with bean sprouts. The soup was pretty good, but the duck with bean sprouts was quite boring (I think bean sprouts are pretty boring in general).
    I've tried a good number of dishes there, and mostly they've all been great. Here's some standouts and misses imo:
    A standout for me was their sauteed crab. I think we got garlic. I know you can get this dish at lots of Chinese places, but at some of those places, it's only good in theory and flavor, the crab gets overcooked in the process. But at Lu Din Gee, the crab we had was perfectly cooked.
    The Buddah chicken is quite a sight to behold, but the flavor was kind of bland.
    The Lotus Nugget was a dud for me, too. The lotus was undercooked and you'll need a magnifying glass to find the shrimp.
    The konnyaku dish we tried, the one with chicken, was really good.

    1. I like their Spicy Konnyaku Salad. BBQ Eel on Steamed Sweet Rice was really good too.

      Pictures here:

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        thanks for the photos--the eel looks delicious. We thought the duck soup one of the best versions we've had, and what better use for the bones. Their version of cumin lamb is also excellent, a relatively light touch with the oil. cheers

      2. Here's a link to more photos:

        I would definitely order the cumin beef. It was quite tasty. Also, be sure to pre-order the Buddha Chicken. That was so good to eat when put over my rice. Yum!

        1. well, obviously the peking duck which is better than many of the best places in peking.

          the eel over rice is what i dream about, though. the rice is fantastic.

          1. Thank you everyone! I loved the pictures and my mouth is watering. Some of the items we are going to order have been changed due to your comments and the pics! You are the best! Thanks again!!