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Jun 13, 2007 07:11 AM

How to post

i don't even know how to post on this site...i used it a to my chow i don't even know how to post...please help.

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  1. Hi, dee dee,

    Please check out our FAQ which covers how to post new threads:

    If you've got any further questions, you can hit 'reply' here to add them to this thread.

    We'll email you a copy of this, as well.

    1. i am trying to follow the instructions...when i get to a board/if i really do...there is no button to "add new topic" old way was instinctive and user friendly...this is very difficult for me now...thanks for the help...boards used to be regional...

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      1. re: dee dee

        When you go to the main page of a board, such as this link for the Technical Help board:

        you should see a button right under the name of the board on the left that says "add new topic". You will not see the button when you are on the page of an existing thread, rather than the "home page" for a given board. To see the list of boards and to select one, click on the small arrow to the right of "Boards" (at the top of all pages) and you will see a list of all the boards, including the regional ones.

        Hope this helps!